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  Adam Atom vs. Ronaldo

Adam Atom - 5'9, 210 lbs

Ronaldo finds himself wholly outmatched in Atom's will-breaking bodyscissors

Ronaldo gets trussed up like a Christmas turkey by the physically imposing Atom

Atom pins Ronaldo under a big knee and sets about picking apart his perfect torso

A high-arching surfboard has Ronaldo bent and trapped in a precarious position

Atom looks down upon Ronaldo with disdain as he digs his heel into the weakened stud's spine


The Fantasymen series has always showcased the hottest, sexiest wrestlers in the BGEast arsenal; not every wrestler has what it takes to be a fantasyman: dedication to long hours in the gym sculpting muscle, careful attention to diet, time spent on cardio to burn fat so that the definition in those carefully wrought muscles gets deeper and more pronounced. And then add the willingness to put that perfection on the line, either on the mats or in the ring, against another perfect specimen to not only see whose body is stronger but to see who is going to prove to be the better man, period. It takes a special mindset, a special combination of pride and vanity and arrogance, all coupled with humility, a respect for the sport of wrestling, and an almost animal like cunning, an instinctive ability to seek out your opponent's weaknesses and the desire to exploit them.

Ronaldo's eagerness to get his debut started is commendable. Waiting in the ring, boucing in excitement as he flexes his muscles, he's fired up and ready to go. And he is, as expected, almost absolutely perfect. His definition is defined! But Adam Atom is not exactly a schlub in the body department, either. Thicker and stronger, perhaps not as dedicated to definition but the thickness of his muscles is clear evidence of dedication.

He watches Ronaldo's frenetic pec-clapping and listens to his opponent's mouthy threats with a sneer of contempt as he climbs into the ring. Playful shoves get stiffer and more serious until Adam takes a swing which Ronaldo avoids, spinning around into a reverse bearhug. Ronaldo just can't help writing more checks with his mouth until Adam powers out and goes to work on the bodaciously verbose beauty. A brutal standing full nelson has Ronaldo crying in agony, until Adam tosses him aside like a rag doll! A brutal camel clutch has Ronaldo screaming out the first submission in record time!

Adam hoists the smaller wrestler into the air with an ease that should strike fear in the smaller wrestler's heart, applying pressure and adjusting the hold for maximum discomfort with barely any effort. Ronaldo's arrogance is slowly but surely being beaten out of him - and Adam finally offers Ronaldo a free shot, dropping down onto all fours and taunting him to try something, anything. The camel clutch fails, but Ronaldo's not the pushover Adam's superior strength has led him to believe he is, either - rolling the big man over into a combination chinlock and cross body scissors, cutting off the big man's air! Can Ronaldo press this advantage to take a win from the big man?

But the big lesson in humility and respect Ronaldo should have learned at this point hasn't taken; and sometimes lessons need to be repeated, over and over, until they finally take hold. Adam Atom is certainly up for the task, his huge powerful legs crushing Ronaldo's midsection; his big arms overpowering Ronaldo's smaller ones, riding him and crushing him and smashing him mercilessly. Weakened, his head spinning from the ruthless onslaught, Ronaldo's body gradually goes limp with each brutal hold, barely able to resist, barely able to even try to break free, barely able to breathe as Adam Atom gives him the beauty master class in ring wrestling, ring torture, and suffering he is unlikely to ever forget. Resistance becomes futile - but the master class isn't over until the professor of pain says it is!

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Adam Atom vs. Ronaldo
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Atom delights in wrecking Ronaldo's back with a turnbuckle assisted surfboard

A sweat-soaked Adam Atom pulls out a back breaking Aryx rack on sexy gogo boy Ronaldo

Atom focuses his attention on the dancer's powerful legs with a crotch-ripping split submission hold

Atom locks the humpy Fantasyman down tight with his massive legs working a headscissors

Ronaldo battles back into contention with a rear-naked choke, bodyscissors combo on the big heel

Ronaldo howls in agony as Atom's massive thighs break his midsection down with a bodyscissors

Ronaldo: 6'0, 190 lbs

Adam's beefy muscle seeks to break the aesthetically perfect muscle of Ronaldo with a bearhug

Ronaldo sags and dangles lifelessly, utterly wasted in Atom's reverse bearhug

Adam's massive arms squeeze tightly around the perfectly formed musclestud in a bearhug

Ronaldo carted about the ring over the massive boulder shoulder of the powerful Atom

Ronaldo trapped and trounced in the corner after a furious onslaught from heel Atom

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