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  Zip Zarella vs. Z-Man

Zip Zarella: 6'0, 205

Zip carries fellow Z-Man for a brutal backbreaker with a healthy handful of crotch

Z-Man finds himself dropped in the corner and flattened with stomp after stomp

Zarella is determined to make absolute sure that he is the omega with a blatant choke on Z-Man

Zip lays absolute waste to the body of the fitness model with a rib compressing bearhug

Z-Man is finished, toast, as the freshman buries him midring under his own pro gear

The last Z-Man standing

Zip Zarella is the total package. He has all of the attributes that discerning BG East fans crave. In his extensive indy pro wrestling experience he has mastered both debilitating blunt force power moves and an expansive arsenal of submission holds. He possesses a deceptively angelic babyface paired beautifully with a gorgeously muscled physique built for dominating in the ring. He's proven himself dangerously successful against opponents of all shapes and sizes. He is accustomed to being respected for his skill and worshiped for his beauty. So when Zip learned that few wrestlers are as fanatically adored as Z-Man, he insisted on seeing first hand what all the fuss was about.

Z-Man has achieved the status of legend. The sizzling hot muscle hunk commands an army of devoted fans for his effortlessly sensual, sexy style of wrestling as well as his coverboy good looks. His lime green trunks with a lace-up crotch perfectly compliment his flawless mocha complexion and exquisitely toned muscles. His win-loss record pales in comparison to Zip's, but all Z-Man has to do his bounce his meaty pecs and flash that boyishly disarming smile and gay wrestling fans fall on their knees.

"You think you look good?" Zip demands to know when he finds Z-Man admiring his own six-pack abs, tugging suggestively at the side of his sensationally tight trunks. Zip turns his back, showing off his muscled ass and flexing a powerfully peaked bicep. "You're liking this, aren't you," he asks Z-Man, fishing for a compliment. "I see you looking."

"I'm going to make this quick," Z-Man announces with his customary swagger and shit-eating grin. "So I can go back to posing." As the action breaks out, Zip is two steps ahead. He ducks behind the fitness model and cinches him up tight in an intimate rear bearhug. Lifting him to the balls of his feet, Zip thrusts his hips forward, shaking a breathless grunt from his struggling opponent. "You like that, Z-Man?"

Z-Man's extensive wrestling resume has been strictly in the underground scene. The ring is decisively Zip's home turf, and Z-Man persistently struggles to gain even a little traction against the indy pro veteran. When Z-Man muscles free from one punishing hold, Zip is already applying the next. A single leg take down sets Z-Man up for a crippling leg lock. Zip stomps viciously into the side of the fitness model's knee, threatening to do permanent damage. "That's right, baby," Zip crows. "Look who's in charge now!"

However, Z-Man is familiar with staring down long odds. He sucks down an avalanche of humiliating muscle torture and defies Zip's contemptuous demand to crawl away on his hands and knees. When Zip starts celebrating his victory a little too quickly, Z-Man makes him pay by choking him with the sole of his boot in the corner and stomping his tatted pecs. But mouthwatering muscles and blind determination are no match for seasoned skills and ambition. The pro pounds his opponent's face in one turnbuckle after another, determined to beat the pretty right off of him in a full circuit around the ring. He viciously punches and kicks every perfected inch of muscle hunk, choking him in the ropes and head butting him in the nose. The fan favorite lays flat on his back with his tormentor flexing his dominating muscles over top of him when Zip turns to the camera and asks you directly, "Is this what you guys want!?"

"That's right, there's a new Z-Man in town," Zip announces. He scoops his helpless opponent up, cradled across his chest and paraded around the ring humiliatingly. "I'm the new body man around here!" Zip crows, driving Z-Man brutally down into an over-the-knee backbreaker. "I'm going to snap you in half, pretty boy," Zip barks over the fitness model's tortured screams.

Zip may not be ready to wrest away Z-Man's army of worshiping fans. But bruised, battered, and significantly less pretty with Zip perched on his powerful pecs in a celebratory schoolboy pin, Z-Man is helpless to prevent Zip from laying claim to being the new superstar badass at the tail end of the alphabet.

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The living Ken doll is doubled over as Zarella rains a big elbow smash down over his skull

Zarella keeps Z-Man grounded midring with a reverse bearhug that steals his breath

With a handful of hair, Zip fires a pumpkick to Z-Man's ridiculously ripped midsection

A figure-four leglock leaves Z-Man stranded with no choice but to cry out in submission

Zarella utilizes the ropes for leverage with a big boot choke to a cornered Z-Man

Zarella decides to bring the reign of the old Z-Man to an end with a figure four headscissors

Z-Man: 5'9", 200

The impossibly ripped superstars engage in an old school meets new school flex off

A knee-to-spine, leg pulling single boston variation traps Z-Man in no man's land midring

Zarella puts a big knee to Z-man's broad back for a vicious over the rope choke

Zarella's biceps peak as he pulls himself up with a rib crushing bodyscissors on the fan favorite

"That's right, there's a new Z-Man in town!" A jubilant Zip declares with a double bicep

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