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  Morgan Cruise vs. Joah Bindao

Morgan Cruise: Bruiserweight 5'8", 170

Bindao manages an upset with a rolled up spanking pin on the mouthy Morgan Cruise

Joan clutches at his weakening lower back as he wilts and withers in the bearhug

Morgan hoists Bindao into position for an inverted, arm-pulling piledriver

The big hooves of the mastodon rain stomp after stomp upon Joah's smaller body

Cruise control: Morgan carts Joah around the ring in a torture rack across his broad shoulders

Big Where It Counts

"You look a little smaller than most of my opponents," Morgan Cruise observes when he finds Joah Bindao doing back handsprings in the ring. "This is going to be a nice walk in the park," Morgan predicts, licking his lips with pleasure as he sizes up the petite, power packed muscle hunk. The Boss' favorite international man-of-mystery, Joah defies simplistic categories. He's one of the smallest wrestlers in competition, but he sports luxuriously thick muscle mass. Joah is beautifully balanced and graceful, an accomplished acrobat and student of the dance-like style of the Afro-Brazilian martial art of capoeira. Yet, at the same time, there's a raw, unfinished and unpredictable edge to him. Every opponent underestimates him, despite Joah's obvious assets so mouthwateringly on display in his bronzed, muscled physique, but the little big man invariably earns a ton of respect and more than his fair share of shocked submissions from wrestlers twice his size.

Morgan is far less a mystery. The Mastodon is big, burly, and blunt. His modus operandi is to provide his own color commentary as he tramples opponents underfoot. Morgan adores the sound of his growling baritone almost as much as he enjoys the sight of his hairy, hunky, longshoreman's muscled body. He gets off on describing, in exquisite detail, his torturous methodology and the sadistic delight it gives him to see an opponent beaten defenseless. With Morgan, you get exactly what you see and hear, namely overwhelming power and perennial bragging rights earned by making grown men weep at his feet.

Their pre-match, side-by-side muscle posing highlights the remarkable contrasts between them. Joah playfully slaps Morgan's cheeks and pats his hairy pecs appraisingly. "Go on," Morgan encourages him, "I know you want to feel that pec." Joah smirks, unimpressed, and bounces his smooth, heavily muscled pectorals in reply. When Joah has the audacity to point out how his own massive, mocha thighs dwarf his opponent's hairy legs, Morgan has had enough.

Morgan's predicted "walk in the park" instantly turns into an ugly, steep uphill climb. He tries to bully his smaller opponent, but Joah's potent, compact power and uncanny ability to land on his feet rock the Mastodon hard. The acrobatic muscle hunk literally does back flips around Morgan with the big man unable to lay a finger on him. Joah's handstand headscissors momentarily appear to play into his opponent's hands, as Morgan lifts him off the mat in preparation for slamming him down hard. But even in midair, Joah shifts his weight, violently jerking Morgan off his feet and delivering a skull rattling tombstone that leaves the stunned heel at his mercy. Joah rides the Mastodon hard, demonstrating what 5'5" of thickly draped, fast twitch muscle can do, including slapping down a humiliating first fall pin!

The sweat flows freely as Morgan reassesses the situation. "How dare you?" Morgan growls in shock, furiously flinging the petite muscle man out of the ring. The Mastodon is uncharacteristically taciturn as he exacts his revenge, trussing up Joah in the ropes and hanging sickeningly from a chin lock. "I'm going to make that back pay for your insolence," Morgan picks up his match commentary once he's slammed him into the middle of the ring and stomped the living hell out of Joah's gorgeously tapered-V.

"I want to hear you groan," Morgan growls hungrily, almost immediately getting his wish as Joah's spine is pried backward around Morgan's thick neck in a vicious torture rack. Joah groans and whimpers like a wounded animal. As Morgan explains in his running monologue, pain is not nearly enough to satisfy him. He strips the muscle hunk's trunks off for still more humiliation, exposing Joah's gorgeous ass framed in a barely-there red thong. When he turns him over, though, the real giant in this match is revealed. Joah's massively outsized bulge swings low and heavy between his tree trunk thighs.

This is a full on hunkbash, but far from a squash. Joah tests Morgan's infamous resolve by refusing to be plowed under. He makes the Mastodon work for every second of riding time, until the hairy beast is plastered in sweat and brimming over with frustrated fury. Joah soaks up a tidal wave of punishment that men twice his size couldn't handle, demonstrating that size is really all in your head. And, in Joah's case, also in his trunks!

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Morgan Cruise vs. Joah Bindao
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Morgan gloats and lords his dominance over his pint-sized opponent

Joah's flexibility and endurance is put to the test with a knee to spine surfboard variation

Cruise pulls out all the stops to put Bindao away with a turnbuckle assisted bow-and-arrow

Wrapped and trapped in the ropes, Joah arches and bulges in the reverse chinlock

Strung out in the corner like a side of beef, Joah is helpless against the mighty hammersmash

Joah's humpy body is stretched out in a chin-pulling, arched, backbreaking submission hold

Joah Bindao: 5'5", 135 lbs!

Joah throws up a massive double bicep pose over a rolled-up, humbled Mastodon

The mighty Mastodon squeezes a rib collapsing bearhug on the scrumptious martial artist

Joah's admirable offense amounts to nothing as he lays broken and whimpering at Cruise's feet

Joah posts on Cruise's quad as he hefted and carried around the fabled ring

Morgan salivates sadistically as he pulls Bindao's arms through his legs for the piledriver

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