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  Joshua Goodman vs. Chace LaChance

Chase LaChance: 5'9", 170

Goodman takes the role of hot-shot director as he frames up Chance's choice assets

Chace brings every ounce of his lauded muscle to bear with a big bearhug on the BG legend

Age and experience overcomes youth and exuberance in a crippling bearhug

Chace is bent and exposed in an over the knee backbreaker for a hellish gutbash

A Hunkbash for the ages: Chace's stacked body gets broken in half in a backbreaker

"It's dominance time, baby!"

Chace LaChance has transformed before the eyes of BG East fans. From a tasty and lithe go-go boy into a competition bodybuilder and sought-after fitness model, he has painstakingly crafted his succulent physique to superhuman proportions. His torso is armored in washboard abs and broad, granite pecs. His incredibly broad shoulders and thickly muscled arms look like they could change the course of mighty rivers and bend steel in his bare hands. Each massive thigh is nearly as big around as his astonishingly narrow waist. It's little wonder that BG East fans have frequently voted his as the best body in the business. They don't come hunkier than Chace.

They also don't come more bashable, if you ask Joshua Goodman. Mr. Joshua was already pumping his peaked biceps and flexing his six-pack abs when Chace was still a doe-eyed twink. He has talked often of his ambition to grace the cover of a fitness magazine, and he's done the slow, hard work of forging a sensationally muscled body inch-by-inch and year-by-year. But he keeps playing second fiddle to pretty boys like Chace with half his experience and flaunting an indecent amount of sheer luck and unearned promotion. In his eyes, the fawning attention heaped on Chace is merely salt in a long festering wound, and Joshua has every intention of brutally beating him back into line.

"You look like you need some coaching," Joshua barks as he enters the ring room to find Chace flexing in the mirror. "Last time I checked, I was the Best Body Winner," Chace smirks, refusing to tear his eyes away from his fabulous, flexing physique. However, failing to keep an eye on Joshua in the ring is just a blatant disregard for self-preservation. Chace's lauded muscles are instantly flailing as Joshua chokes him across the top rope."It's dominance time, baby!"

Joshua intends to wring one tear of agony out of this upstart muscleboy for every single Best Body vote he's received over the years. He rolls Chace out like bread dough in skull crushing headscissors, pausing from time to time to pound the hunk's boyish face viciously into the mat. Swarmed and shocked, Chace submits early and often, but the veteran allows him no time to recover before launching another sadistic attack. His muscled ass quivers as he's hoisted high off his feet in Mr. Joshua's ferocious bearhug. Joshua works in squats with the muscle hunk weeping openly in a torture rack, his screams of submission repeatedly ignored. "Look at them quads, muscle boy," Mr. Joshua orders, demanding the respect he feels he's been unjustly denied.

Joshua manhandles Chace's stellar muscles like no one before. Chace is a big muscle boy, but he looks like a babe in Joshua's arms when the heel scoops him up across his chest and slams him down, over and over again, in crippling, back-to-back over-the-knee backbreakers. He bashes him corner to corner and literally spanks the hunk's magnificently muscled ass. You can tell Mr. Joshua has something to prove, and it doesn't actually have anything to do with his opponent. It doesn't even have to do with his much lauded and award winning monster bulge, although his crotch zipper strains at the seams of his beautiful black trunks. "Now, this is muscle worship, boy," Joshua explains, planting a boot on Chace's chest and flexing a veiny most muscular pose overtop of the writhing, impotent coverboy. He will not be passed over, ever again. Mr. Joshua is done waiting his turn for the wrestling glory and fawning adoration he believe he's too long been denied. "I'm back to dominate this organization!" And that starts with dishing out the most dominating beating that Chace LaChance has ever had the misfortune to suffer.

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Goodman is firmly in control in the driver's seat with a high-arching camel clutch

Joshua works on Chace's shredded backside with an over the rope arching chinlock

Goodman's monster quads literally swallow Chace's head whole in a rope arching headscissors

Chace gets his vertebrae separated in a hangman's choke over Goodman's broad shoulder

Mr. Goodman uses the ropes for a side plank to ratchet up the pressure of the side headscissors

Mr. Joshua lets out a mighty roar as he breaks the award winning body in a torture rack

Mr J, Joshua Goodman: 5'10", 180

Joshua shows the BG fans what a real "Best Body" looks like as he poses over the deposed King

Joshua is resourceful as he utilizes his leather vest to choke LaChance out cold

Trapped between a rock and a hard place (which is which?) Chace suffers a ringposted bearhug

A tightly held cobra clutch drains all the life and fight out of the massively muscled Chace

Mr. Joshua seeks to write the wrongs of polls past as he flexes his superior body over the pretender

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