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  Payton Meadows vs. Ben Monaco

Payton Meadows with long hair: 5'10, 180 lbs

Payton showboats and controls Ben with a single bicep flexing camel clutch

Ben is between a rock and a hard place as he soothes his balls from an encroaching Payton

Ben diminished, cradling his balls, while Payton plants his crotch in Ben's face in a schoolboy pin

Payton's pecs pop powerfully as he leans way back in a spine cracking camel clutch

Payton throws up a big double bicep pose with a prostrated Ben trampled underfoot

"You think you're ready for this, but you're not."

Payton Meadows' chiseled facial features, fitness model physique, and playful cockiness have made him an instant fan favorite. With a new mop of long, curly locks, he looks like the Lord of the Jungle turned mouthwatering underwear model. He's the total package of looks, conditioning, and attitude. But his initial foray into BG East competition has failed to realize Payton's outstanding potential to be a dominant force on the mats. He has shown repeatedly that he can dominate opponents with astonishing feats of strength and smirking audacity. He has delivered bucket loads of punishment to every challenger he has faced. But whether it's sheer luck, or whether he just has a knack for bringing out the best in an opponent, Payton has crumbled again and again. Rest assured, he has an infinite supply of self-confidence to keep him coming back for more, but you have to wonder just how a specimen of physical perfection like Payton can nurse a bruised ego and keep coming back for more.

Ben Monaco is eager to test that very question. The fellow French Canadian has had his eyes on Payton from before the Adonis set foot on the BG East mats. Ben's hot and hairy pecs and infamously punishing legs are painstakingly built with a single minded dedication to being in peak condition for the rough and tumble demands of homoerotic wrestling. He is passionate and powerful, driving many an opponent to distraction with his roving lips and irrepressible pleasure in dominating another man. Ben knows full well that next to the superhuman proportions and dazzling beauty of Payton, he is by comparison the "average Joe" in this encounter. And Ben is more than eager to make every average Joe's fantasy come true by beating Payton's mouthwatering muscles into total submission.

"You think you're ready for this," Payton smirks, holding his arms out to his side and displaying his magnificent physique. "But you're not." Ben's eyes roam hungrily up and down every bulge and crevice. "I think I can probably take you," he offers a qualified reply, perhaps rethinking his chances against the stunning muscles on display. Payton sees the distracted desire so clearly playing across his opponent's face. He drags the palms of his hands down his ripped core. He strokes his own flexing thighs. He squeezes his own rock hard muscled ass, watching Ben's Adam's apple bob as he swallows hard. "Anytime," Payton predicts his superiority, "on my bad day."'

The jungle boy/underwear model takes the initiative firmly in hand. An opening test of strength teeters momentarily back and forth, but Payton kicks it up a gear and powerfully drives Ben to his knees in front of him. Ben's handsome face is contorted in pain, the tendons in his wrists quivering with the strain of staying intact. Just as his head drops in concentration, Payton snaps his massively muscled quads around Ben's ears and drops to the mat, cranking on the skull crushing vice of his headscissors.

"Do you like it," Payton asks conversationally, rolling around the mat in total domination of his captured prey. "Now you understand," he explains calmly, lecturing his opponent on the wisdom of submitting early and often to Payton's unstoppable power. Going down this soon, this simply to a pretty boy like this is more than Ben can bear. He suffers long and hard, even as Payton pounds his face into the mat, his head still locked tightly between his squeezing thighs. As impossible as it is for Ben to bear the shame, it's even more inconceivable for him to withstand the dizzying power crushing his skull. He finally slaps the massive quads in panicked submission, conceding the first, humiliating fall.

"You're no match for me," Payton crows, planting a foot victoriously on Ben's chest and flexing his legendarily perfect physique. True to his word, Payton bullies his outmuscled opponent around the mat. With wind at his back, Payton claws Ben's balls hard and long, leering chin to chin, watching with delight as Ben's face twists in agony. Suddenly, he hooks his right arm between Ben's legs, crushing Ben's balls with his bicep and literally lifting him off his feet, carried around the mat racked across the single arm curl. Ben can't breathe, must less cry out, as he's pinned against the ball by his balls and slapped humiliatingly in the face with Payton's free hand.

Ben cracks through Payton's muscled armor with a savage low blow of his own, and Payton begins reliving his worst nightmare all over again. The exhilarated average Joe grabs his gasping opponent by his ears and snaps his hairy thighs tight in humiliating face-to-crotch headscissors. Ben winds his fingers through the shaggy head of hair and pulls him tightly into his crotch, as Payton struggles for air to fuel all of his amazing muscles. Payton doesn't just submit, be begs for release as Ben laughs in his smothered face.

With balls for punching bags, both fierce wrestlers swing for the fences. There are succulently domineering schoolboy pins and literal tears of desperation. Hold by hold, one stubborn hunk hits harder, squeezes tighter, and crushes the air from his opponent's lungs. The tide turns decisively just one way, leaving a sweat soaked victor crowing with delight, feeling his opponent whither in his grasp. "You'll like what comes next," the victor predicts, hoisting his victim across his shoulders and shaking him like a rag doll. Clearly, the loser does not like what comes next, but you, discerning wrestling fan, will give this climactic victory the standing ovation it deserves.

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Payton's sculpted quads crush the loud-mouthed Canadian's skull in a side headscissors

Ben's thick unforgiving thighs swallow Payton's pretty face in a skull-crushing headscissors

Ben's beefy bod bends to breaking over Payton's broad shoulders in a torture rack

A grounded, leg-pulling abstretch has Payton's smooth, muscled bod right where his foe wants him

With Ben stretched out in an over the knee backbreaker, Payton renews his crotch attack

Payton's thick thighs continue to crush Ben's buzzed skull with merciless abandon

Ben Monaco: 5'10, 175 lbs

Payton pulls Ben up to see the pain in his face as he works a ballclaw and turns the tables

Payton is plastered to the mat and writhing, trampled under Ben's victorious foot

Ben takes his turn at enjoying someone else's pain in a suspended bearhug on Payton

Monaco whips and shakes Payton viciously in a neck-crunching full nelson

Ben makes a desperate snag at Payton's hair as he's slammed bodily to the mat

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