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  Lance Jackson vs. Buck 'Wildcard' Carter*

Lance Jackson: 5'8, 140 lbs

Buck stands head and shoulders above Lance as he kneels in worship before the bodybuilder.

Lance battles through the pain of his punishment with a worshipful stroke of Buck's biceps.

Lance is helpless against big Buck as he's carted around the mats across his broad shoulders.

Lance sets about breaking the Bucking bronco with a leg-splitting cradle pin.

A buck-naked Buck takes to the rafters to bring Lance to his knees with a suspended headscissors.

Test of Wills: who is the student here?

Lance Jackson long dreamed of joining the BG East roster, knowing he could hold his own if only he was given the chance. Hearing of Lance's surprising skill in the underground wrestling scene, and of the power packed into his compact body, Kid Leopard decided to match him against a more experienced, though rookie, BGE wrestler, one who outweighed him by a striking amount. What were the Leopard's nefarious plans? Lance was more than game, especially when he heard his first opponent would be none other than newbie bodybuilder BGEast star Buck Carter, whose wrestling reputation was only exceeded by his muscle size!

Lance is captivated by Buck's massive physique the moment shows up in the gazebo where a 'casual' encounter would begin Lance's 'training.' Lance dutifully obeys as cocky 'Wildcard' offers the 'free lesson in BGEast wrestling'. He hides his scepticism about Buck's skill because Buck has stipulated that his new student wear the skimpiest of trunks, and assured that outdoors training is in total off-season privacy. A free lesson from a star is not something to turn down, after all.

Lance can't keep his hands off the big muscles of his opponent, who doesn't hide his pride at being worshipped for the superstud that he is. He too sports skimpy trunks and his enjoyment is evident as Lance happily feels his big muscles, the muscles of a trained wrestler, as Buck explains. As Carter condescends to his smaller student, offering his body as a wrestling dummy, Lance leaps into instinctual action with a powerful cradle on the big bodybuilder, and as Buck tries in vain to power out, he is forced to admit that Jackson's strength is easily underestimated.

Lifting the newbie, Buck slams him over his knee in vengeful riposte, seeing just how flexible the taller rookie's back is. Lance is moaning, but it's unclear whether he is really in pain or just enjoying the muscleman's punishment. Buck can't resist getting a handfull of that bulge in the white trunks, before elbowing the helpless new fan... who soon finds himself worshipping Buck's big muscles again before the lessons can recommence.

But recommence they do, and the lesson turns into a test of wills: will the student obey, or will he outwit his teacher with his powerful body and penchant for worshipping his teacher only to turn the tables. Endless headscissors and mutual body torture start to make the teacher wonder who is teaching whom the lessons here. Distracted by Lance's pauses to worship his welcoming bulges and body, Buck decides to punish his student with crushing bearhugs, headscissors and more just to make sure Lance knows who is in charge here.

Who is in charge here? As in every wrestling student's fantasy, the hot teacher is subdued by the most equalizing of all holds: the surprise knockout sleeper.

When Buck comes too, they are in the shed famed as BG East's 'wrestleshack'. Buck's body is being worshipped by his lithe, sexy student. Who can resist such a dream scene, but it becomes clearer and clearer as he comes to his senses that the lesson must continue. Wildcard wraps his thick legs around Lance's head, elevates himself on the rafter while squeezing the undefeated youth in a powerful suspended headscissors. As with all his other welcome power holds, the result is not submission but aroused admiration! He easily strips his willing student of his trunks revealing the assets that Jackson used to his advantage throughout their private 'lesson'.

Lance takes advantage of Buck's excitement to provoke Buck to apply his own panoply of holds and moves. Lance's once-defeated hero, still theoretically the master, can now enjoy their new power relationship as Buck snaps his worshipping victor in a headscissors as his big thighs are worshipped and used as a tool for Jackson's pleasure. Buck retains his teacher role as he controls his student with his sexy wiles and huge muscles, and forces Jackson to stroke himself as those muscled legs show Lance just what power his bodybuilder muscles can apply... Both teacher and student explode in the finale of a spectacular lesson in BGE wrestling!

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Lance Jackson vs. Buck 'Wildcard' Carter*
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Lance desperately seeks to soothe the aching in his crotch in a bulge-clawing spladle.

The tables get turned on Buck as Lance slaps on a crotch-clawing spladle of his own.

Buck bends and breaks Lance over his knee as he claws his more-than-ample bulge.

Buck's big bulging quads swallow little Lance's head in a skull crushing headcissors.

Lance writhes in pain trapped in a rib grinding bodyscissors as Buck slaps on a blatant choke.

Like the ancient Greeks, Lance tries to crawl away as Buck strips him of his gear.

Buck 'Wildcard' Carter: 5'10, 240 lbs

Lance is lifted and broken in Buck's big biceps with a rib-crushing reverse bearhug.

Lance negates Buck's size and brings him to his knees with a neck-crunching full nelson.

Lance's lean bod is bent and broken over Buck's knee, his gut exposed and vulnerable.

Buck and Lance take a moment to admire and pay homage to Buck's bulging muscle.

Lance is broken into compliance with Buck's brutal, crotch-ripping spladle hold.

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