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  Titanium Blue vs. Green Envy

Titanium Blue: who is that masked man? 5'11, 220 lbs

A big reverse bearhug lifts Green Envy off and crushes the breath right from his lungs.

Envy converges on Blue with a tide-turning sleeper to bring the blue boy to heel.

Titanium Blue looks to end the chiseled combatant's career with a backbreaking camel clutch.

Envy dangles limply over Titanium Blue's shoulder, as a bearhug saps the life from his body.

Victorious and merciless, the unmasked Titanium Blue grinds his boot into Envy's injured knee.

BG East Under Siege!

Their faces hidden beneath colorful masks of synthetic fabric, our eye is naturally drawn to the grapplers' chests and long waists. Green Envy has a famously handsome physique, one of the most desired and envied bodies in underground wrestling, but poised against the voluminous Titanium Blue, it looks standard-issue. Green Envy has the build of an Olympic platform diver, but burly Titanium Blue is built for the squared circle and back-alley brawls. His body is pure destructive force. It's a brute's body, bounteous, firm, and seemingly indestructible. It's a body that aches for victims to obliterate, and BG East has no compunction about sacrificing Green Envy to the masked heel's cravings.

The masked men have few words for each other. They circle slowly, sizing each other up. Green Envy initiates contact, slipping behind his opponent and buckling up the guy's arms in a full nelson hold. Titanium Blue feigns helplessness, almost mocking his opponent, and then muscles loose and reverses as if not even trying. Green Envy's moans are far more convincing. He thrashes and panics like an animal caught in a snare. Yet his lean body is strong, sleek as a greyhound's, and after a lengthy struggle it breaks free and swings around to lock Titanium Blue in a rear choke hold. He's got a firm grip, but Blue backs to the turnbuckle, knocking the wind out of him and breaking loose. Titanium Blue proceeds to whip Green Envy from corner to corner, plying the man's abs and ribs with audible punches.

Green Envy sags against the corner ropes, miserably. Titanium Blue has already worked up a fine sweat. His muscles gleam under the bright lights. He pushes Envy facedown to the mat and grinds his boot into the smaller man's spine. He squats on the challenger's lower back, clutches him by the chin, and bends him backwards. Green Envy refuses to submit despite the harrowing strain to the vertebrae. Satisfied (for now) with causing his opponent pain, Titanium Blue releases the hold, leaving Green to quiver and gasp on the mat while the brute strikes a double biceps pose, dripping with perspiration. Next, Blue heaves Envy up in a classic bear hug, equally sensuous and raw. Green Envy vainly reaches for the ropes. Then Titanium Blue hurls him back into the corner.

Envy slouches on the corner ropes, but Titanium Blue wants the man fully conscious for the punishments he has in store. With a reverse bear hug, he makes his opponent submit. Green rolls out of the ring and onto the floor. He needs to catch his breath. As Titanium Blue reaches over the ropes to pull him back in, Green Envy surprises him with a sudden, deft attack. Green Envy grabs Blue by the head and bears down, choking the bad-ass heel against the top rope. It's a bravura counterattack that stuns as much by its element of surprise as by its force and finesse. Capitalizing on the unexpected reversal, Green Envy snaps Titanium Blue into a sleeper hold. The big man huffs and puffs, his arms flailing. Then his body gives, his butt slumping to the mat.

A sharp elbow blast to Green Envy's knee brace abruptly reasserts Titanium's dominance. Titanium Blue targets the old injury mercilessly. He seems as elated by Green's suffering as bent on the man's annihilation. The assault is ignoble yet effective. The Green One cries out, "All right! I submit! No more, no more!" But Titanium is just getting started. Adding insult to injury, he peels off his opponent's mask, the ultimate humiliation in masked wrestling! Vainly Green Envy turns to Green Shame as he tries to hide his face from the camera. "Check this out!" Titanium Blue laughs. He clenches Cal Bennett's head in a scissors hold and rolls from one side of the ring to the other, dragging Cal with him. "I'm done! I'm done!" Cal pleads, but Titanium Blue turns his attention back to the sore leg for further abuse. He looms over his writhing opponent and removes his own mask, revealing himself and announcing, "I'm here to take over BG East!" Such extraordinary villainy! Such hubris! All BGE has been put on notice!

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Titanium Blue vs. Green Envy
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Masked Mayhem 14 Arena Galleries

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The sweat-soaked Blue revels in his total destruction of the ripped, trampled pretty boy.

Trapped in a camel clutch with nowhere to go, Green Envy is in danger of losing his mask.

The ultimate humiliation: Titanium Blue forces Green Envy to gaze upon his own stripped identity.

Envy looks to choke the life out of Blue and settle the score once and for all in size vs aesthetics

His identity exposed to the world, Envy struggles to free himself from the rope-assisted headscissor

Titanium Blue throws up a big double bicep to make his mark in his masked wrestling debut.

Green Envy revealed: Cal Bennett, 5'11, 210 lbs

Like a rat stuck in a trap, Envy thrashes and bucks desperately in the neck-cranking full nelson.

Green Envy's enviable bod is smeared into the mat under the boot of the ripped, beefy Blue.

Little boy Blue come blow your horn: Green Envy's tight sleeper is taking the bigger Blue to bed.

Envy writhes in pain and desperation, trying to escape the big trampling boot of Blue.

Envy is brought low, beaten, unmasked and about to be choked out by the hulking unmasked Blue.

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