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  Masked Menace vs. Red Hawk

Masked Menace: 5'5, 165 lbs

Seated and screaming, the Red Hawk finds his crotch ripped wide in a punishing spladle.

Bent and broken, Red Hawk sucks pit as Masked Menace scrambles Bird Boy's eggs.

The little, lean Red Hawk finds his spine tested in a grounded, arching backbreaking submission.

Masked Menace strikes gold as he crushes a schoolboyed Hawk's mask in his grip.

Masked Menace rubs his ass with Hawk's nose.

Hazard Pay

It's sometimes said that wearing a lucha mask hides the pain when a wrestler gets hurt. That may well be true in many cases, but somebody needs to tell Red Hawk he needs to stop yelping and whimpering because the mask can hide only so much. Hawk is so cocksure of himself going into this contest it comes as a shock, to fans and, no doubt, to Red Hawk himself, when Masked Menace hands the youngster his ass again and again and again and again. (Frankly, we lost count about halfway through.) And the Menace is anything but easy on Hawk. In fact, at one point we considered warning potential viewers: "Not for the Faint of Heart."

If watching a cocky wiseacre torn into tiny bits toots your horn, this middle match is a goddamn brass band. Tommie enters the mat room with chest and crotch thrust out, while Masked Menace quietly holds himself aloof, eyes fixed on his challenger's distended front pouch. Red Hawk seems pretty proud of himself when he grips the Menace in a side headlock. Menace strains to unclasp the Hawk's hands, then decides a closed-fist punch to the gut is the way to go. Menace thus gets the first takedown, and it's downhill from there for Red Hawk.

On the mat, Menace snaps Tommie tight in an abdominal stretch, one leg bearing down on the kid's neck, flexing the whole upper body. Hawk finds himself in a world of torturous pain, yet manages to break free and strike back with considerable force. Sad to say, he underestimates his opponent's mettle. Seconds later, Menace has Hawk in a reverse bear hug that subjects the kid's ribcage to so much stress and strain that the eager wannabe is rendered powerless. When Hawk refuses to submit, Menace contemptuously pitches him to the mat.

Red Hawk holds his throbbing ribs with one hand and turns to face his hairy-chested adversary, who stands legs apart and strikes a confident double biceps pose. Red Hawk throws a reckless punch at Menace's left pec. Menace's body recoils from the blow but then quietly resumes the victory pose. The Hawk strikes again, this time following with a full nelson. Menace escapes by thrusting his leg back and up into Hawk's nuts. Seemingly Redbird cannot catch a break. He crumples to his knees and rolls onto his back, clutching his throbbing crotch. Menace stomps down on the Hawk's chest and grinds down, as if crushing a peculiarly defiant cockroach.

Menace's patient intensification of this battle, notch by brutal notch, gives him the decisive edge over his spunky but inexperienced challenger. The single-source lighting casts a crisp, looming shadow on the wall behind Masked Menace, giving the match the low-key tone and strong sense of imminent danger of classic film noir. Its sinister pace and spurts of icepick-sharp violence make Hawk versus Menace a Beauty versus Beast match that's nigh impossible to shake off. Especially as the finale ups the ante with Hawk forced to endure further sexy torture maskless and humiliated.

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A single-leg boston crab has Red Hawk bending and screeching in abject agony.

Ass and legs spread wide, a spladled Hawk's nest is exposed to Menace's volatile ministrations.

Hawk's lean body is bent and wrecked in a ball-clawing abstretching submission hold.

Hawk tries desperately to protect his damaged manhood from Menace's grinding boot.

Menace is intent on ending Hawk's ability to reproduce with a ball-clawing, inverted headlock.

Crucified, unmasked, stretched out, and ball-clawed, Hawk is helpless against The Masked Menace.

Red Hawk: 5'11, 160 lbs

Red Hawk comes face to face with his own bulge in a crotch-splitting spladle hold.

Red Hawk gets a faceful of Menace's manhood while Menace gets a handful of Hawk's eggs.

A constricting cobra clutch grounds the Hawk and forces him to choke himself out with his own arm.

To add insult to injury Menace wrecks an unmasked Hawk with an over the knee backbreaker.

Humiliated and humbled, Hawk gets a faceful of Menace's meat as he kneels before the victor.

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