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  Donnie Drake vs. Doug Rand

Donnie Drake: 6'1, 205 lbs

Donnie's works his big bicep powerfully to rip Doug's head right off of his shoulders.

Doug's muscular body seems to defy gravity as Donnie lifts him for a powerbomb.

Doug's spine is torturously tested, warped and bent in a backbreaking Boston crab.

Donnie looks to take out his frustrations on the solid gut of the big boy in blue.

Doug seeks to put the pro wrestling stud through his paces with a ring bound tarantula hold.

A Series of Devastating Turnabouts

Donnie Drake has the name and face of an Eagle Scout, but anyone who has ever watched him in the ring knows the guy is pure capital-T Trouble. The guy likes to talk a lot, messing with opponents' heads, tooting his own horn, distracting fans from the infernal dastardliness of his tactics. His opponent, Doug Rand, made a splash here at BG East a couple of years ago as a heel of the strong-silent type. He's at a significant disadvantage against Drake, who is bigger, heavier, and more experienced, yet he's not a wrestler you would want to bet against, even as relatively green as he is.

At first, Donnie acts like he's working on his Citizenship in the Community badge, taking newcomer Doug under his wing, showing him the ropes, figuratively and literally. Doug is characteristically quiet and attentive, letting Donnie do all the talking, letting Donnie dig his own grave, perhaps. Once in the ring, though, Drake changes his tune, telling the rookie, "You know what? I actually don't even think this is going to work out. I mean, look how vastly physically superior I am to you. You know, this is a mistake. Why don't you just go home." Donnie has more to say, as usual, but you get the gist. Far more succinctly, the reticent Rand boots garrulous Donnie in the gut and kickstarts this highly stimulating ring war.

For the next two and a half minutes, Doug wipes the mat with Donnie's ass, speedily submitting the overweening bigmouth with a Muta lock, a cringing humiliation for Drake. "Where the fuck did you learn that?" Donnie whimpers as he crawls to the relative safety of a ring corner. "Help me up," he says, extending his arm. "Not bad. I may have underestimated you a little bit." Doug takes his hand to get him back on his feet, and Donnie slams him to the turnbuckle, delivering a vicious trio of gut punches. He then attempts to whip Rand to the opposite corner, but the newbie reverses, flinging Donnie instead into the turnbuckle and repaying him with not only three stiff gut punches but also three shoulder blocks and a cartwheel elbow jab to Drake's handsome face.

It can be gratifying seeing a big loudmouth like Donnie Drake take it pow right in the kisser. Fans of gut-punching, kicking, and stomping will find Donnie's comeuppance triply gratifying because Doug Rand is uncommonly gifted in the art of punishment. For the rest of the match, the advantage careens from Doug to Donnie to Doug again, and on and on up to the sudden heart-stopping piledriver that ends the contest. Each wrestler attacks according to a trademark style. At one point, the lighter and nimbler Doug leaps onto Donnie's shoulders, while Drake is standing, paralyzing him in the crucifix position. Though smaller, Doug body-slams and stretches his opponent as if he were born doing it, but instinctively he favors pummeling. Donnie favors standard big-guy classics like the Boston crab and assorted backbreakers. He literally throws his weight around the ring, wreaking as much damage as possible.

It would be very hard to find two more capable brawlers than Donnie Drake and Doug Rand. Only BG East brings this kind of excitement to the squared circle. This match is a white-knuckler from beginning to end.

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Donnie Drake vs. Doug Rand
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Rand cranks back tightly, putting Donnie through his paces with a grounded, arching hangman.

With his body trapped and twisted in an abstretch, Donnie's helpless to fend off a forearm attack.

A tightly-locked crippler crossface spells major trouble for the buffed pro stud.

Donnie fights his way to his feet in a bid to power out of Doug's armbar variation.

With Doug prostrate on the mat, Donnie takes to the air for a big kneedrop to his back.

Another day at the office for big Donnie D with a bicep flex over another beaten wrestler.

Doug Rand: 5'8, 165 lbs

Doug carries the pro wrestling sensation up and over for a ring-rattling suplex.

Donnie forces Doug to watch his own destruction in the mirror in a neck-twisting camel clutch.

Donnie's face twists in agony as he struggles for breath in Rand's rear naked choke.

Donnie shoulders the smaller stud's broken bod across his broad shoulders in a rack.

Donnie wrecks and works Doug's back over in a suspended tree of woe variation.

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