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  Bobby Horton vs. Dick Rick

Bobby Horton: 6'2, 220 lbs

Dick takes flight against a reeling Bobby Horton with a sailing shoulder tackle.

Bobby laughs at Dick's cries of pain as he's brought down to his knees in a rear naked choke.

Big, bad Bobby Horton clamps his massive quads around Dick's chiseled core in a bodyscissors.

Bobby's thick, muscled arms take the wind out Dick's sails (and lungs!) with a crushing bearhug.

The end is near for Dick as a soul-sucking bearhug crushes the very life from the wrestling god.

Tell Me It's Too Much for You

Our 42-minute main event is hard-hitting and brutal as fuck. Literally, its centerpiece, smack dab in the middle of it, is an epic five-minute bear-hug battle between Dick Rick and Bobby Horton, during which each man makes multiple attempts to squeeze his opponent to submission. Trust us when we say this struggle is not designed merely to show off the wrestlers' perspiring bodies. It does that, sure, but more importantly there's nothing bogus or affected about it. This is a grinding, potentially ruinous assault prolonged to the limits of both men's stamina. The wrestlers do not simply trade off on who squeezes whom, but legitimately escape each other's clutches by any means possible. Ultimately, one wrestler agonizingly submits to the other, who releases the hold reluctantly and only in the interest of capitalizing on the severely-weakened condition of his adversary. It's the major turning point of the match, and it's played for real.

Back up twenty minutes or so, and we find Dick flexing in front of the mirror, with Bobby lurking ominously in the shadows. When Dick heads to the wrestling ring, Bobby creeps up from behind and smashes Rick's head into the steel lockers. He then hangs him up, clamping his arms between the top and middle ring ropes. He grabs Rick's legs and pulls, his boot smashing the man's nuts. The pain and helplessness are excruciating. Then Bobby throws Dick into the ring, where the torments resume. Somebody should have warned Horton that Rick is not the man you want to pull this kind of shit on. Suddenly, Dick turns the match around with a shoulder block, rebound clothesline, and body slam in quick succession. He then waits just long enough for Bobby to get back to his feet before once again slamming him full force off one shoulder.

You need only look at Dick Rick to know the man is splendidly built and dangerous. He has one of the strongest bodies at BG East and knows how to make a weapon of it. When he threatens to break a man's arm, as he does here versus Bobby Horton, you better believe he can do it ... and means to do it, too. After proclaiming that nobody attacks Dick Rick, that Dick Rick is the one who attacks, he proceeds to crank every joint in Bobby's body. The lesson is if you have the balls to attack Dick Rick, expect the sky to fall on your head shortly thereafter ... or, before the fight is over, you will wish it would. Plenty of heels are specialists in the fine art of slow torment. Rick, however, is peculiarly blessed with a body that is combination sledgehammer and torture rack. Nobody is surprised when Dick forces Bobby into a humiliating submission. The surprise comes when Bobby comes right back at him with a rear naked choke.

A glance at Horton's shoulders and arms tells you everything you need to know about the pressure they're capable of putting on a man's windpipe. Rick's only means of escape is to dive into the turnbuckle, inflicting as much damage to himself as to his antagonist. But the suicide move does succeed in breaking the potentially debilitating chokehold. Both wrestlers are still seeing stars and birdies when, on nothing but instinct, Bobby snaps Dick into a single-leg Boston crab that immediately expands to a traditional two-legged Boston, before switching to a crippler crossface and ultimately a body scissors. Rick muscles loose of the scissors and paralyzes Horton with a reverse Boston, bending the thickset bully to his breaking point. Give and take of this intensity takes your breath away. This fight, one for the record books, is as gritty and violent as any BG East has produced.

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Bobby Horton vs. Dick Rick
42 minutes

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Dirty Dick crushes Bobby into the turnbuckles with an arm-pulling surfboard hold.

Dick seeks to put the big, beefy bruiser to rest with a ring-shaking sidewalk slam.

Dick gets his spine tested as Bobby looks to rip a submission from him with a Boston crab.

Bound in the ropes, Dick is in a world of pain as Bobby gas pedals his balls with a boot.

Dick snatches victory from the jaws of defeat with a reverse roll over on the figure-four leglock.

Bobby whimpers and cries out as his back is bounced and broken over Dick's knees.

Dick Rick: 6'1, 220 lbs

Horton works over the muscled god's suffering spine with a neck-pulling tree of woe.

Kneeling and fading, Dick reaches, clinging to consciousness in the crippling cobra clutch.

Dick launches his assault on Bobby's back with a spine-snapping scorpion hold.

Dick basks in his own power, sitting back as Bobby's back bends in a brutal Boston crab.

A brutal back-breaking torture rack has Bobby completely at the mercy of the dastardly Dick.

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