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  Drake Marcos vs. Rolf Fulton

Drake Marcos: 5'10, 160 lbs

Drake rises up on his tiptoes, forced into an arched, backbending submission hold

Rolf lifts and carries the wasted jobber's carcass about the ring in a bearhug

Like a conquering Colossus of Rhodes, Rolf stands straddling the puddle of suffering jobbermeat

Drake hangs crucified in the ropes with nowhere to go, helpless against a jaw-rattling bitchslap

Fulton drives Drake hard into the mat with a ring-shaking, match-ending chokeslam

A Wolf and His Prey

While a battle between evenly matched men makes for an exhilarating exhibition, BGE has a longer and prouder history of serving up helpless and hapless jobbers to menacing and merciless heels. And with a series title like Jobberpaloozer, you know the outcome is looking bleak for one of the boys stepping into the ring here.

Lean and fierce, Rolf Fulton is a serious contender among the lightweights of the BGE roster. More often than not, his wolfish grin is the last thing his opponents see before he claims victory atop their beaten bodies. He may not be undefeated, but he's taken down some of the largest prey the Boss could throw at him.

Drake Marcos needs no introduction; the jobber extraordinaire has been a fixture at BGE and a staple of truly brutal beatdowns for years. Unfortunately for him, he's nearly always on the receiving end of the beating. So what hope does this perpetual punching bag have when a predator like Rolf has him in his sights? In truth, very little, except perhaps the hope that Fulton will tire of pounding him like a side of beef while Drake still has the strength to drag himself out of the ring afterwards.

Always a trooper, Drake arrives right on time, his clean-cut, lime-green gear and light aerobic warm-up screaming jobber almost as loudly as his outstanding resume of excruciating losses. Enter Rolf, the heel sneaking in the back entrance while his unsuspecting prey awaits him in the ring. The slinking predator slides along the apron, silently crawling through the ropes, closing the distance to his victim before Drake even knows what's about to hit him, and thus the destruction of a jobber begins.

The animal analogy remains apt, Rolf's lithe and wiry physique making him every bit the hunter in this ring. That toothy grin stays spread across his muzzle as Rolf tears into his prey, spearing Drake into the corner or slamming him back to the middle of the ring. Whether scissoring him on the ropes or mangling his fingers one at a time, Rolf sets out to destroy Drake piece by screaming piece, and boy does the victim scream.

As the growling heel relishes his jobber's tortured howls of torment, Drake is reduced to a sweating, sobbing mess on the canvas. Even by the jobber-extraordinaire's usual standards, this destruction and humiliation is nearly total, the likes of which he has rarely faced. Drake's treatment moves from painful to downright insulting as he's sat on, slapped, spanked, manhandled while barely half-conscious. In the end, Rolf finally decides to move in for the kill, but first he has to haul Drakes mangled carcass off the mat just to get one last shot at him. The devastated jobber can't even keep his eyes open, let alone stand, and when the finish finally comes, he has no idea what's hit him!

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Drake Marcos vs. Rolf Fulton
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Jobberpaloozer 15 Arena Galleries

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A scissored Drake suffers an inverted facelock with his face wedged into Rolf's sweaty pit

Rolf bounces, bends, and breaks the beaten body of the jobber over his knees

Rolf uses Drake's own body against him as he cranks back with a joint-wrecking submission hold

Fulton makes heeling an artform with a pliable, sobbing helpless jobber in Drake Marcos

Drake cries and flops helplessly as Rolf brings a leg smash down over and over

Rolf bears down on a wicked figure four headscissors intended to silence Drake's pathetic cries

Rolf Fulton: 6'1, 160 lbs

Using the ropes and the mirror, Rolf forces Drake to gaze upon his own destruction in the camel

With his arm cranked up between his legs, Drake suffers in Rolf's damaging abstretcher variation

Rolf looks to cement in Drake's head his perpetual status of jobber with a piledriver

Drake's cries of agony are music to a ripped Rolf's ears in a crippler crossface

Drake clutches at his injured hand, writhing helpless in Rolf's rib-crushing bodyscissors

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