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  Cage Thunder vs. Cole Cassidy

Cage Thunder sans Mask: 5'11, 180 lbs

Cassidy cranks Cage into directions his body was not meant to bend with a back-cracking submission

A chiseled Cole intends to stop the pulse of the legendary Thunder with a heartpunch

Cole isn't quite finished with a crawling, cowering Cage as he drags him up by his trunks

Death from above: Cage gets airtime with a flying frogsplash on his motionless foe

After a hard-fought battle only one man reigns supreme; Cage flexes over Cassidy

Exposed and Broken: Someone's Wish Comes True

Cage Thunder is one well-traveled wrestler. He's faced some of the toughest men all over the world, but is always ready for more challenge. Of course, plenty of his hard-earned experience has come at the cost of some harsh punishment, but the masked star has never backed down from a challenge yet. Still, someone might want to offer Cage a little friendly advice before he bites of more than he can chew, if he hasn't already. When Cage let slip he'd be willing to take on dom heel and destroyer of men Cole Cassidy, more than a few ears perked up, and at least one devious mind set the wheels of fate in motion.

When word reached Cole he had a potential challenger (victim) in the making, he just had one question: "Where is he hiding?" Cut to Cage Thunder's daily gym workout at one of the rings he frequents: sans mask, pumping iron â?? with thoughts of taking Cole Cassidy to the mats on his mind? When none other than Cole himself barges in, Cage is caught off guard to say the least. His hopes that the alpha male doesn't recognize him, and just there for a workout, quickly dim as Cole's attitude makes it clear he's not here for a pump. The beast is a specimen of physical perfection as he slowly strips his street clothes away, down to a simple pair of briefs, revealing his marvelously muscled physique, every curve and ridge of muscular definition standing out in stark contrast, as though to impress anyone in the gym able to catch a glimpse.

When Cage tries continue his routine, Cole humors him, sliding into a weight machine himself and working up a sweat as he pumps up his already impressive pecs, watching an increasingly nervous Cage from across the gym. When Cassidy has finally had enough of the game and gets in Cage's face, the soon-to-be victim tries to rise to the challenge, only to have Cole bury his fist wrist-deep in Cage's abs. Thunder finds himself slammed to the wall, gasping for breath before Cole's fingers clench 'round his throat and force him upright. A few more fists and knees to the gut with Cage pinned to the wall and Cole finally lets him slump down, choking and panting. "I thought you wanted to wrestle Cole Cassidy?" He mocks his already downed and exposed challenger.

No one would call Cage Thunder a pushover, but it quickly looks like there's little offense he can hope to mount against an opponent like Cole as the body shots continue to pile up. When Cassidy finally challenges Cage to join him in the ring, his opponent can barely struggle to his feet long enough to crawl through the ropes. Cole, not content to wait, decides to wring the first submission of the match out of his winded adversary while he's still tied up on the apron. Already behind by one fall, the match officially begins with Cage sprawled in the ring, sweat-soaked and moaning in pain.

Things rapidly go from bad to worse to terrifying for Cage Thunder. Cole Cassidy clearly takes a sadistic pleasure in breaking down his man's body one hard shot at a time, leaving Cage not merely in pain but more disabled with each blow. Even when Thunder manages to turn the tables with a few surprises, he struggles to maintain his momentum, the beating of the last half hour taking its toll. Against all odds, Cage finds the strength to force a single submission out of the alpha male, even if it seems to take everything he has in him. This of course only succeeds in sending Cole into a new fury of devastation. His early attacks seem playful in comparison as he sets out to dismantle, demolish, and utterly destroy the great Cage Thunder, body and soul. Repeated backbreakers, extended surfboards, and brutal ball claws have Cage literally crawling and whimpering on the mat, seeking only to escape the pain. Cole hardly lets Cage off easy: he sets his man up for a signature finisher not once, but twice. Whatever damage Cage has suffered in his masked form, only to fight back, the exposed Thunders is clearly broken by the end of this match, a testament to the ferocity of his opponent Cole, and a painful reminder to lesser wrestlers to know their place.

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Cage Thunder vs. Cole Cassidy
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Cage is facedown in the mat, his reputation in tatters, about to tap out to the boston crab

Cage is cornered and cowed as he suffers a debilitating crotch-claw from Cole Cassidy

A mexican ceiling hold has Cage gazing to the heavens from whence no help is forthcoming

Cage has had enough as he hefts Cole's smaller body across his shoulders in a fireman's carry

With his face under the boot of a dominant Cassidy, Cage is finished, crushed, and conquered

Cage comes back?! Cassidy lays lifeless, leg hooked as his foe counts the pinfall

Cole Cassidy: 5'8, 169 lbs

Cole continues to crush and crank Cage's tortured body in a back-torquing ceiling variation

Having crushed and conquered the feared Cage, Cole uses his broken body as a doormat

Cage reaches for the relative safety of the ropes, his crotch clawed in Cole's single-leg boston

Cassidy charges with a near-decapitating clothesline on the unmasked Thunder

Only one man walks away from the ring with a victory; Cole's softball-sized biceps pop over Cage

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