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  Zori Leone vs. Rolf Fulton

Zori Leone: 5'11, 205 lbs

Rolf is laid out and smothered out from a dragon sleeper, face in Zori's sweaty pit.

Rolf flexes every lean muscle in the mirror as he works Zori over in a full Boston crab.

A trapped and spread Fulton claws helplessly under Zori's big booted gut stomp.

Laughing, Rolf rides Zori's broad shoulders with a rope-assisted single arm jap strangle.

Zori's big, thick biceps squeeze tightly, making Rolf's eyes roll back in a tight sleeperhold.

Zori and the Madman...

Sexy Zori rented the BGE ring for some 'personal time,' to perfect his posing and his look. His confidence was badly shaken during his first foray into BG East wrestling: fellow big boy Barry Burke, another indie pro, humbled and destroyed this black stud even though Burke was handicapped with 'One Hand Behind My Back' (Ring Rookies 4). Despite his 205 pounds of pure muscle, Zori wants to take stock as he contemplates another shot at BG East stardom. Is he overconfident, as Burke accused? Zori does like how he fills out his lime green trunks and matching pro boots and kick pads; he bulges beautifully in front, and the back shows off a firm and perfectly round ass. 'Looking very good,' he thinks as he admires his incredible looks in the mirror, flexes to himself and begins to get his confidence back.

Lean-and-mean Rolf Fulton bursts into the arena catching Zori off-guard. He lets out a fiendish laugh, asking stunned Zori if he's 'come here to PLAY' with him. Huh? Has Rolf stopped taking his medication for a psychological condition? Zori is totally taken aback, telling Rolf that he came here to pose, not to fight. Slamming his own head into the turnbuckle a couple of times, Rolf asks Zori if he likes pain. Rolf is like a crazed addict, with just one thing on his mind and that's finding someone to wrestle - and inflict pain on!

Rolf has taken his share of beatings at BGE but he's dished out several as well. He has only his slight height advantage but gives up 50 pounds to this sexy muscle stud. But like a rabid dog, he bursts into attack, hitting unprepared Zori with a battery of holds. Zori angrily screams that if he'd come to fight, he'd be ripping Rolf apart by now. But vicious chokes and shots to Zori's throat leave him gasping for air as Rolf ignores his protests, continually asking him if he 'enjoys the pain and suffering?' Extending this kamikaze control, Rolf threatens to break Zori's left arm, then his neck. Zori screams in pain as his seemingly imbalanced attacker tortures him mercilessly.

Zori's is showing signs of exhaustion. His hair starts to break free of its ponytail. Suffering in Rolf's brutal stomach claw, Zori manages to bite him in order to break the hold. Rolf finds this "awesome" and unleashes an even fiercer, more sadistic attack. Rolf applies a figure-four and compares it to the Connect Four board game. Finally Zori is forced to scream out his submission.

Savoring the punishment he has dealt, Rolf patiently waits on the ring ropes as Zori struggles to get back on his feet. The tables quickly turn as infuriated Zori nails Rolf with two clotheslines, an elbow smash, and a series of shoulder blocks to his tormentor's gut. He lifts Rolf onto the top turnbuckle and repeatedly rams his head directly into Rolf's crotch before giving him a ferocious suplex into the middle of the ring. Rolf has ruined his day; Zori will ruin Rolf's as well. He nails Rolf with a headbutt and elbow smash to his tight abs while he's draped in an over-the-knee backbreaker. Next he jumps feet-first onto Rolf's mid-section, then comes down hard with both knees onto Rolf's aching abs. Rubbing Rolf's face into the mat, Zori screams at the lunatic wrestler that he will rue the day he came here.

Rolf's entire upper body is bright red but Zori continues his destruction. A diabolical headbutt to Rolf's nuts, and Zori tosses the whimpering lightweight aggressively over the top rope and out the ring. Neither man is willing to concede in what is now a full-fledged battle and Rolf crazily re-enters to try and dish out more pain. A running powerslam, sleepers, reverse DDT, and more leave one of these pro studs out cold in the center of the ring. Both dished out and received intense amounts of pain and punishment, but someone wishes he never entered the BG East arena today!

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Zori Leone vs. Rolf Fulton
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Zori dangles helplessly from the ropes as Fulton unleashes a brutal gutbashing on his roped foe.

Rolf's long lean body is stretched out torturously in Zori's inverted, tarantula variation.

Rolf puts Zori through the wringer with a chinlock, crippler crossface variation.

Rolf revels in Zori's screams as he wrecks his opponent in a figure-four leglock.

Zori's thick quads trap Rolf's skull as he drives his skull into the mat repeatedly.

Zori is trapped between Rolf's lean quads as he pulls on his hair and twists his nips.

Rolf Fulton: 6'1, 160 lbs

The fear is written all over Fulton's face as Zori lifts him for a crashing cradle slam.

The thickly muscled Zori is treated like a doormat, trampled by his much smaller foe.

The action spills outside the ring as Zori grinds his boot into Rolf's ruggedly handsome face.

Rolf's lean, lithe body is bent and broken over Zori's big shoulder as he carts him around the ring.

His hair unbound, Zori stands victoriously, looming over the beaten body of Rolf.

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