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  Anthony Wayne vs. Jonny Firestorm

Anthony Wayne: 5'3, 130 lbs

A fresh-faced Jonny takes to the sky as he launches onto Wayne with a flying legdrop.

This breakup is bitter and deeply personal: Wayne wrecks Jonny in a backbreaker.

Jonny crawls on all fours, oblivious to Anthony's big butt bomb to his exposed back.

Like a dog with a bone, Wayne continues to tear Jonny apart in a backbreaking Boston crab.

Jonny looks to turn the tides against his smaller opponent's blitzkrieg attack with a suplex.

Brutal break-up: The death throes of 'Anthony and Jonny'

Back in the day, Anthony and Jonny were a dynamo tag team. Jonny was just a budding badass, before he put on more mass and became one of BG East's top fan-fave heels. The Boss had hooked him up with "Lil' Anthony" and the 2 fireplugs tag-teamed in a handicapped match against the much larger and stronger Marco Guerra, defeating that titan to bring Marco's ego down a notch or two (Wrestler Spotlight: Jonny Firestorm). On Tag Team Torture 9, Team 'Anthony and Jonny' completely dominated Cameron Matthews and Paul Hudson for much of the match. Unfortunately for the heels, a couple of missteps and miscommunications resulted a particularly embarrassing loss to the pretty and talented pro babyface tag team.

Their friendship was strained to the breaking point by this ignomineous defeat. Jonny was especially pissed and blamed his less-experienced tag partner. Now we see what happened next, as Jonny jumps around in his corner saying, "I'm gonna kick that son-of-a-bitch's ass!"

Sexy Anthony confidently steps into the ring, telling Jonny not to waste all his energy now: "you're going to need it!" Arrogant Jonny is completely unimpressed. The tension is thick as they glare at each other. Despite his size, 'Lil' Anthony is an unquestionably tough pro wrestler, with plenty of experience. Jonny has considerably more matches under his belt, and is already showing he can be cold-blooded and callous in the ring. Here we see the calculated rage coming into focus: from now on, he doesn't just want to beat his former friend; he wants to destroy him.

Quick Anthony leaps to take control of Jonny, tossing him like a rag doll. Jonny uses his own speed and technical expertise to attack Anthony's leg, going back to it again and again as Anthony returns the favor, each trying to gain the advantage. Neither is sticking to the rules in this all-out effort for revenge and domination. It isn't long before Jonny is slapping his hand on the mat as he taps out the first fall.

The two hyperkinetic lightweights trade arm bars and hammerlocks, along with a litany of holds, punches, kicks, and a clothesline hit so hard you'll feel it too! Anthony believes he has achieved a second deciding submission, but lightening-fast Firestorm suddenly has him tapping out to Boston crab. Jonny immediately attacks Anthony before he's even fully up in his corner. A running DDT has Anthony seeing stars. Even in his dazed condition, he manages to kick out of a pin just before the three-count. Anthony nails a direct shot to Jonny's nuts, and hard! â?? Jonny won't be using those for at least several days. Jonny is curled up on the mat screaming, "My fucking balls!" Anthony start working over Jonny's back and smacks him repeatedly in the back of the head, and his camel clutch appears it could end the match as he grinds Jonny's jewels into the canvas. Miraculously, Jonny manages to stand and drop Anthony like a sack of wet cement, leaving him spread-eagle in the middle of the ring. Both these vicious heels struggle to get to their feet, both hurt, both enraged. Jonny flips Anthony over, causing him to land face-first into the mat, then puts him in a humiliating face-sitting pin for the three-count! And it doesn't stop! More back work leads to a boston crab. Jonny fights desperately, but eventually taps out as he screams, "I QUIT!"

At two falls each, they escalate the action. Soon it's 3 falls each! The back-and-forth is amazing! A tag's team's loss is our gain as this match continues to the final 10-count pin. The exhausted victor arrogantly lies, "Piece of cake!" Both these former pro heel partners give it their all with a level of dominant destruction rarely seen. Only one is left in the center of the ring as the victor struggles to exit and make it back to the showers.

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A vicious, cranking STF has Jonny slapping the mat in submission, crying in pain.

An evertightening cobra clutch brings the ripped pocket stud down hard to the mat.

Jonny is trapped on the mat, writhing, as Wayne drops a knee to his hammerlocked arm.

Jonny clutches weakly at his celebrated package after going toe-to-toe with his former friend.

Jonny aims to annihilate Anthony in a viciously cranked chinlock bodyscissor combination.

Anthony uses his lean legs to completely crush and destroy Jonny as their partnership implodes.

Jonny Firestorm: 5'5, 145 lbs

Jonny's face screws up in pain as Anthony stomps his back and cranks back in a surfboard.

Jonny cries out in agony as Wayne works a vicious, shoulder-wrecking armbar.

Jonny is humbled and humiliated, his former teammate bootchoking him over the ring ropes.

Jonny kneels helplessly, broken down by his friend-cum-foe with a rope-assisted rear choke.

Jonny taps as he's mercilessly crushed in lil Anthony's bodyscissors, sleeper combination.

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