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  Cameron Matthews vs. Cole Cassidy

Cameron Matthews: 5'11, 160 lbs

Cole lays a withering spank to a wedgied, early iteration of the award-winning glutes

"Where's all your muscles now?" Cameron taunts ands brings Cole to his ass with a nelson

Cameron is feeling the effects of Cole's crushing onslaught as he crawls to the muscled master

The heartthrob feels his own heart skip a few beats with Cole's pulse-punishing heartpunch

Cameron clutches at his punished backside as he hopes to survive this run-in with Cole

A Date with a Swirly

Turn the clock back about 7 years, and you'll find Cameron Matthews admiring his tan, gelling his hair, and studying the beautiful form of his own spectacular ass in the bathroom mirror. At this point in his career, Cameron had not yet completed his full metamorphosis into the hard bodied BGE muscle hunk we've grown to know and love. But he was already hitting the gym hard, carving out the first glimpses of his six-pack, and beginning to pack sweet muscle mass onto his lovely frame. And that ass of his was already turning heads and transforming him from the pubescent pro wrestling phenom of his youth into a full-fledged adult object of homoerotic wrestling lust.

Cameron so admires the early evidence of his physical transformation that he loses track of time primping and pumping himself up in the bathroom mirror. Cole Cassidy busts in, impatiently demanding, "What the hell are you doing in here!?"

Cole is at the peak of his physical perfection. His black trunks are sculpted around his striated glutes. His physique is Spartan, with every ounce of body mass toned, honed, and hard as armor. Cole has crafted his astonishing physique with the same precision, relentlessness, and singular focus that defines his wrestling style. He is infinitely dangerous at all times. Cole is all business, and he has zero patience for an emerging young hunk enraptured by the sight of his own reflection, regardless of how hot his ass is.

"Do you mind getting out of here so I can finish?" Cameron asks, disregarding the fact he's ten minutes late for their scheduled match. Cole can't quite believe his ears. "Fuck you, man! What are you even looking at?" he asks, pointing with contempt at the young buck's lovely, yet merely mortal muscles. "This is a fucking arm," Cole shoves his split-peak, gargantuan bicep in Cameron's face. "This is a stomach," Cole explains, strumming his fingertips across the deep, sharp crevices of his 8-pack. When Cameron shoves the aggressor away, Cole reaches the end of his fuse. He grabs his tardy opponent in a full nelson and forcibly marches him through the back hallways of BG East to get down to business.

While this is a Demolition match, don't make the mistake that Cole makes, when he assumes his overwhelming advantage in firepower and experience will make this a cake walk. In fact, Cameron manages a reversal and shocking first fall submission on the ripped MMA fighter before they even reach the ring. Even in his youth, Cameron had more tricks up his sleeves than most veterans twice his age. "Where are all your muscles now?" he taunts.

Have you ever seen Cole angry? Of course, he is constantly burning on a slow boil, but giving away the first submission to a gel-headed boybander makes Cole seriously combustible. His offense is all power, all the time. His body slams are so hard you can see the Cameron-shaped indentations left in the mat. Cole gives no quarter, ignoring his rival's screams, pleased as he levels missile strikes to the young punk's lower back with his knees, elbows, and fists. Cameron is literally weeping in agony when his tormentor scoops him back up across his sweat soaked chest, parades him around the ring, and then shares the completely unnecessary warning, "Now, this one is going to really hurt!"

Cameron manages just enough offense to stoke Cole's rage hotter than we've ever seen it. An uppercut to the balls makes Cameron's already high-pitched voice turn countertenor, as he screams in agony. In a standing headscissors, Cole spanks Cameron's pride and joy bubble butt hard, yanking on Cam's tight trunks to make sure he leaves bright red handprints on the prettyboy's quivering ass. He's so busy dragging the battered babyface around the ring by his trunks he splits the seam, exposing Cameron's crack.

Every over-the-knee backbreaker is high impact. Every Irish whip pounds Cameron's back viciously from corner to corner. His knee strikes and stomps dig deep into the young stud's newly minted muscles. Cameron weeps openly and begs for mercy. "What are you, like 12?" Cole screams mercilessly into his face, teaching the upstart a lesson for making him wait, for looking too pretty, for daring to set foot in the ring with a rippling, raging, relentless muscle heel. He wrings him out and leaves him hanging to drip dry, with Cameron's assaulted ass peeking out of his ripped trunks.

The match ends like it began, with Cole not satisfied to keep the action in the ring. He hoists the wasted punk over his shoulder and parades him back to the bathroom, dumping him the shower and reminding Cameron of that swirly he promised to give him for being late.

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Cole muscles the prettyboy around and brings him crashing down in a spine-snapping backbreaker

Cameron's body bends and stretches in a backbreaking, bow-and-arrow headscissor variation

Cole carries Cameron's crushed body high in a punishing mexican ceiling hold

Cameron and Cole get hangtime as Cassidy slams the sexy stud in a running bulldog

Cameron and Cole locked in a seriously sexy struggle with a mutual 69 headscissors

Cameron clings desperately to hopes of victory with a chinlocking bodyscissor combination

Cole Cassidy: 5'8, 166 lbs

Cole crunches Cameron's chin into his chest as he marches him around the halls in a full nelson

Cole commits fan service as he pantses Cameron's beautiful bubble butt as Cam scales the ropes

Cole has had e-fucking-nough of the pretty boy -- a face ripping camel clutch!

Cameron dangles helplessly in the buckles in a tree of woe as Cole launches a running stomp

After it's all over, Cameron's leanly muscled body lies beaten and unconscious on the floor

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