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  Shane McCall vs. Drake Marcos*

Shane McCall: 5'11, 175 lbs

Shane flexes over the overconfident and crushed jobber with a ball crushing leglock

Drake is completely stripped (and leashed with!) his own gear, dragged back to his feet

Drake kneels whipped, wasted, and nude at the feet of a flexing victorious Shane

Drake's already beaten body is punished further with a neck-crunching camel clutch

Shane brings Drake up and over, crashing to the mat with a ring-shaking bodyslam

The Stark, Cold, Naked Truth

Drake Marcos has longed to dig himself out of his jobber pit and throw down legitimate credentials as a competitive babyface brawler for years. Only two things have persistently gotten in his way. One persistent obstacle has been the incredibly high caliber of opponents he's faced. Despite receiving very personalized tutoring in the art and science of submission wrestling by the very best in the business, Drake has repeatedly been literally upended by a series of opponents particularly pleased to put the Boss' pet down. Few wrestlers have the balls to challenge Kid Leopard himself, but humiliating his would-be protege is the next best thing. But it's not just the quality of competition that keeps sinking Drake's best efforts. He is his own worst enemy, and his Achilles heel is the erotic pleasure he cannot deny when an opponent clamps down on his windpipe. Just watch any of his matches where a real battle plays out on Drake's face when caught in a sleeper, as he struggles between his erotic desire and his wrestling ambition.

Drake is in fine form for this match. He's lean and fit and hungry for victory as he climbs into the ring in blue trunks and white boots, pumping his fists into the air like a slugger predicting his own homerun. Hope springs eternal within the heart of hot young stud with just enough potential to be dangerous.

Shane McCall is like the anti-Drake. Whatever Shane touches turns to gold. He won the rookie of the year award before Drake was out of short pants. Shane made the wrestling mats sizzle with some of the sexiest Dark Knights and X-Fights matches in history. Not satisfied with climbing the ranks just once, Shane has reinvented himself in sequential iterations over the course of 100 BGE catalogs! He's been a babyface brawler, a sadistic heel, and an erotic warrior, and he dominates in every genre. After a long hiatus from competition, Shane's comeback in the past couple of years has placed him firmly in the position of the seasoned heel daddy to beat.

Drake, bless his heart, has every intention of defying the long odds and defeating this veteran heel daddy. Sooner or later, Drake wagers, age will catch up with his sensationally seasoned opponent. If his timing is just right, Drake's ascendency will coincide with the waning dominance of his stubbornly successful opponent. The young stud is cocky and outrageously overconfident. Drake contemptuously throws his warm-up jacket in Shane's face. They don't waste a minute on posturing before they lock up in the Youth's perennial and perverse effort to unseat Experience and Wisdom.

The next 30 minutes present one of the most depraved, uncompromising, and one-sided demolitions ever recorded. Shane uses a shoulder-ruining arm bar to slam Drake face-first into the mat, and quickly follows with vicious knee strikes to the young stud's elbow. The heel daddy milks every moment, repeatedly peeling Drake whimpering off the mat by a fistful of hair. Drake is weeping like a baby less than a minute into the demolition. Honestly, if Shane had offered it, you'd have to assume that Drake would have turned tail and run based on the decibels of his screams and the buckets of tears pouring down his cheeks almost from the start. Of course, Shane did not offer a humiliating retreat. Drake is crushed under the overwhelming onslaught. He is buried beneath his opponent's advantage in weight, strength, experience, and sadistic passion.

Drake loses his trunks, like his dignity, remarkably early. Like carving the Thanksgiving turkey, Shane narrates his deliberate system for dismantling his opponent body part by body part. First, he carves away at the wings, nearly snapping Drake's arms off with a dozen-and-one arm bar and wristlock variations. Next, he works on busting Drake's spine, working him over with a camel clutch, a torture rack, and an over-the-knee backbreaker. Drake screams and pleads for mercy as his naked carcass is torn apart, trussed, up, and broken down bit by bit. But it's Shane's work on Drake's balls that make the young punk scream and sob loudest. Drake barely holds onto consciousness as the heel daddy viciously racks him around the ring post and headbutts him in the crotch.

Drake was done long ago, but every time Shane plants his crotch across the battered jobber's face and starts a 3-count pin, the savage heel decides he's hungry for more. He lays waste to every inch of Drake's body and devours the boy's irrepressible optimism. Demolition fans, get ready to dig into this masterpiece marriage of insatiable heel lust and unmatched aptitude for abject anguish.

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Shane McCall vs. Drake Marcos*
31 minutes

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The big, bad heel daddy uses the ropes for leverage to cripple Drake with a figure four leglock

Drake doesn't seem long for this match as Shane garrotes him with his own ring jacket

Completely crushed and demolished, Drake lies helpless as Shane lays on a liplock

Screaming and clawing, Drake battles desperately, back bent and broken over Shane's knee

Drake can do nothing as Shane presses his advantage (and bulge) into his face

A stripped Drake hangs beaten from the ring ropes as Shane closes in for the kill

Drake Marcos: 5'10, 155 lbs

McCall muscles Marcos around the ring with a commanding chicken wing, cobra clutch variation

Ok, boomer... Drake dragged up by his hair by a finger-wagging elder eager to teach him a lesson

Dominated and barely clinging to consciousness, Drake melts almost lifeless in Shane's bearhug

Stripped of everything, including his dignity, Drake dangles destroyed over Shane's shoulder

Drake's spine bends brutally across Shane's shoulders in a backbreaking torture rack

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