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  Richie Douglas vs. Toney Rico

Richie Douglas: 5'8, 140 lbs

Plucked out of the sky like a pesky fly, Toney whips the giggling prettyboy facefirst to the mat

Richie arches and writhes helplessly, crushed in the much bigger Toney's crippling bearhug

Toney roars, using the ropes to increase the pressure as he grinds the tight, toned twink underfoot

Toney drags Richie's body from the ring, grinding his sweat-soaked bulge in the jobber's face

Richie's impossible chiseled core is bent and twisted painfully in Toney's gut clawing abstretch

Beauty Brings the Beast

There's no question that genetics blessed Richie Douglas. His handsome face with its deep dimples, his sparkling eyes, the gorgeous smile, and the perfectly proportioned body make him one of the prettiest wrestlers to ever grace the BGEast arena. Even Toney Rico, a nasty ring brawler, can't help but admire the beauty he is facing in the ring - to the point of giving him a shoulder rub, to help loosen him up. Richie's dazzling smile lights up his face as he thanks Toney for the massage, they shake hands and start circling.

Toney is bigger than Richie - bigger and stronger - but Richie is skilled and knows his way around the ring. Richie may not be as big as Toney, but he's quick - and quickness can sometimes make up for size differential. He leaps through the air, wraps his legs around Toney's head and sends Toney flying headfirst into the opposite corner! Stunned and surprised, warily Toney turns and comes out to the center again, a little annoyed to see Richie's handsome grin greeting him. He moves in only for Richie to repeat the move again, only this time when Toney bounces out of the corner Richie is there to hip toss him and roll him up into a quick pin - Toney kicks out before a three count, but now he's getting a little ticked off. Who does this pretty little boy think he is? Richie goes to the well one time too many, because this time Toney is expecting it - and instead of being tossed, he catches Richie, hoists him up into the air, and body slams him down brutally, knocking the air out of Richie and sending daggers of pain up and down his spine. Before Richie can even react he is back up in the air and now brought down, stomach first, over Toney's knee. Again, and again, and for a third time - and Richie can barely breathe, his stomach reddening from the brutal blows he's suffering. An enraged Toney now smells blood in the water, and Richie is about to pay the price for those aerial acrobatics. Toney picks Richie up like he's a practice dummy, carries him over to the corner, and slams his back into the turnbuckle! Once, twice, and a third time to be sure he felt it - and then it's back to the center of the ring. Up he goes, and down over the knee again and again and again and again.

Finally allowed to crumple to the mat, his back arching in agony and his breath coming in mere stitches, Richie tries to shield his abs from the brutal assault from Toney's boots, elbows and fists, only to have his arms tossed aside like they're nothing. Toney wants vengeance and Richie is going to pay the price. Toney drags him up to his feet, Richie's wobbly legs barely able to hold him up, and then twists him into an abdominal stretch - which exposes those perfect, reddening abs to Toney's free arm. Forearm, fist, forearm - then stretch again until he screams - let up, then forearm, fist, forearm STRETCH. "I submit I submit I submit" Richie screams and Toney lets go, allowing the young man to collapse to the mat. But Toney wants to humiliate him now...and he won't be denied. Richie struggles to his feet and launches another, desperate attempt at another aerial maneuver, and it works! He's able to roll Toney up into a three count and Richie, still in pain, still hurting, leaps to his feet in triumph. Against all odds, he's beaten the big man! He reaches for a handshake - but Toney's not finished until Toney says he's finished! Three counts are for losers....this won't end until someone is unconscious. And so Richie, battered and fatigues, tries to gather himself to fight on...

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Richie Douglas vs. Toney Rico
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Toney pins and pushes Douglas into the corner, immobilizing him for a brutal gutbash

Richie's bulging, ripped body broken, choked, and ball clawed in Toney's backbreaker

Toney is entranced by his own dominance as he gorilla presses little Richie overhead

Rico gazes disdainfully over Richie's lifeless, stretched out bod as he's bent pitifully over the ro

Richie's entire body is broken as Toney wrecks his shoulders with a post-assisted puller

Richie lets out choked screams as his back is bent brutally in Toney's double-arm jap strangle

Toney Rico: 6'1, 210 lbs

His high-flying offense neutralized, Richie is repeatedly brought down gut first on Toney's knee

Toney doesn't appear to let Richie's early onslaught go as he grinds his face into his sweaty bulge

The fight is fading from Richie's impeccably muscled little twink bod, wilting in the bearhug

Richie leaps on the back of his bigger foe, riding him to the mat with a crushing, rear choke

Toney inhales the sweet, sweaty scent of the boy before putting him out of his misery in a piledrive

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