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  Calvin Haynes vs. Jonny Firestorm vs. Royce Perry

Calvin Haynes: 5'9, 200 lbs

A kneeling Jonny stretches and breaks Calvin in a torture rack with an assist by Royce Perry

Royce parades his pumped and perfect body using Calvin's crushed body as another stepping stone

Trampled: Calvin is choked and crushed under the boots of the marauding maulers

Royce and Jonny carry Calvin's crushed bod aloft their broad shoulders in a double torture rack

GOAL! The dirty heels celebrate as Calvin rolls on the mat coddling his brutalized balls

Pretty as a Picture and Mean as a Snake

The hairy and chaotic mess that concludes Firestorm & Haynes vs Evans & Landon carries over to the next tag team event. You probably don't need to know any more than this: Charlie and Cap are out; Jonny and Calvin are back, not on the friendliest terms. Jonny brings honey-tan beauty Royce Perry in as his new sidekick. He tells a still woozy Calvin, "I brought my NEW partner. Take a look at him. He's not as big as you, but he's a whole lot prettier and a whole lot meaner." Royce pops his pecs instinctively when Firestorm says the word "look." (And we did.)

Gorgeous Royce looks like he just stepped off the cover of the 1961 Physique Pictorial magazine. His dapper all-American good looks catch the eyes first, but you look at that chest and those sun-kissed shoulders and you know the man is built to kick major ass. Relatively new to BG East, he has previously fought Zip Zarella, Cap Landon, Kelly King, and Austin Cooper. The man has paid his dues, and now Jonny feels it's time he gets a shot at the spotlight and the recognition he deserves. We can't argue with that.

Haynes sees the situation he's in now and warns Royce not to make the same mistake he did, that is, letting Jonny Firestorm fuck him over. Jonny grins and nods to Royce, promising, "I'd never do that to you," all but blowing him a kiss. Jonny rests his butt on the middle rope and lifts the top rope so Royce can enter the ring without mussing his brilliantined hair. "Show him what you got," Jonny tells the tautly stacked stud and pats him on the shoulder. "Ready for this?" Calvin asks. "I'm always ready," Royce replies. The two men's eyes lock and stay locked as Calvin approaches. Perry extends his hand, a show of sportsmanship. Haynes reaches for it, and Perry kicks him in the gut.

In seconds, Calvin is flat on his back, groaning and writhing. Royce's elbow drop to the right pec loosens the man up for Jonny's follow-up, a somewhat more emphatic elbow drop. Clearly, Jonny has no intention of stepping out of the ring. This is his idea of a party, pummeling an ex-partner with a 5-foot-9 blond middleweight as backup. Royce literally applauds Firestorm's dirty treachery. "Brutal night for you, huh?" he says, delivering another elbow drop to the chest. Royce puts his hands on Calvin's biceps and counts out five quick pushups, his smooth chest falling and rising over Haynes's face.

Of all the ways this match could turn out, not many of them work in Calvin Haynes's favor. One on one, he might, just might, be able to hold his own against either of these bad boys. But the alliance of Jonny Firestorm and Royce Perry will be next to impossible to beat. Simple in design, this match is rich with menacing nuances: betrayal, deception, sadism, injustice, and pure unpasteurized whoop-ass. The presence of a golden boy who, for once, is not an imperiled jobber, but rather a luscious weapon of destruction, adds erotic heat to one of our wickedest Demolitions ever!

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Team Torture 20


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Calvin Haynes vs. Jonny Firestorm vs. Royce Perry
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Jonny and Joyce work like a finely-oiled machine with a double crushing pec claw on Calvin

Royce keeps Calvin on his feet in a cobra as Jonny winds up for another gutbash

Folded: Calvin is bent in half in a neck-cranking stump puller with Jonny's kneeling surfboard

Clamped: Calvin is locked down on both ends in a figure-four leg lock and headscissors

Stretched: The duo works on wrecking Calvin's shoulders in an double armbar stretch

Crushed: Royce breaks Calvin's back in a boston crab as his skull is squashed in a headscissors

Jonny Firestorm: 5'5, 145 lbs & Royce Perry: 5'9, 180 lbs

Calvin is crucified in the ropes in Royce's reverse headlock as Jonny drops the hammer

Looking like an imperiled figure skater, Calvin is worked in a rope bound suspended ankle lock

Calvin is crushed and trashed as Jonny shows off his perfect specimen of a new partner

Calvin sags and fades as he's trapped in the corner in Jonny's patented Quads of Death

The dirty duo stands flexing over a crushed Calvin as the betrayal and double-crossing is complete

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