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  Masked Menace vs. Noah Samson

Masked Menace: 5'5, 165 lbs

The menacing Masked heel works Noah with a grinding bodyscissors and jap strangle

Kneeling with his straps eased down, Noah is free to worship the thick pecs of his conqueror

Dropped to his knees before his conqueror, Noah hungrily accepts the dominant liplock

Noah is bent over and exposed as Masked Menace lays down a blistering spanking on the jobber

Hoisting Noah up across his back the menace works on a spine-wrecking Aryx-rack

MAT JOBBERS: Size Don't Matter

One always has to respect the courage it takes for any man to get into the Arena and do battle, to put his body and ego and self-esteem on the line, knowing you could be humiliated in front of the cameras -- and the recorded match will live on forever. You can't just throw on a singlet and call yourself a wrestler. You have to put time into it: hours in the gym strengthening your muscles, hours on the mat and in the ring practicing, learning moves and holds and counters until they become second instinct. Wrestling requires you to fight on instinct. You don't have time to think "maybe I should try this" or "maybe this will work" -- by the time you finish such a thought you're already beaten, in agony -- and there's always a chance some humiliation is waiting for you around the corner.

Noah Samson has put the time into the gym since he joined the roster, his lifelong passion and interest in wrestling finally put to the test perhaps the toughest promotion of our time. He gamely has taken his lumps and his bruises, learning from every match and working on becoming better at what he loves to do. Masked Menace, the hairy masked monster in a green singlet, is a master of destruction, and he has that vicious streak inside him, an instinctive bloodlust that only rises when his foe is whimpering in pain...that drives him to inflict even more pain, more agonies, more humiliations. Finding opponents for him is no easy task, but Noah, ready to become more than just a tackling dummy for his opponents, know that a win over someone like the Masked Menace will raise his stock in the company and with the fans. His confidence only grows stronger as he focuses on warming up -- and when the Menace arrives, Noah grins. The Menace is smaller than he is! But while size can give a wrestler an advantage, it isn't everything. Skill and determination are also necessary -- and the Menace has both in spades. He's not going to let his own reputation be damaged by getting worked over by -- let alone losing to -- some young punk who hasn't won a match yet.

Noah's smile fades along with his self-confidence as the Menace begins to put him through torture after torture -- and Noah's ample package also provides a terrific target! And once a brutal submission is wrung out of poor Noah, his singlet is pulled up in a fantastically brutal wedgie -- and those white cheeks are just begging to be reddened by a few terrific spanks! But the humiliation is only just getting started. With his butt cheeks reddened and smarting, the Menace slips him into a nasty sleeper and he goes out...and his unconscious body, sprawled out and helpless, is too irresistible for anyone, let alone the Masked man, to not stroke and touch and fondle...but as he swims back up out of the darkness to more torture! Soon the singlet is peeled off and Noah's nightmare is only just beginning...The Menace is determined to not only make Noah remember him, but to haunt his dreams! And yet -- domination can be sexy; being controlled by another man's body can be arousing...and Menace wants to be worshipped -- his chest and biceps -- and Noah's nipples are just there for the flicking and pinching! Desire, lust, sweat, domination...Noah's on a trip of predetermined pleasure that he won't soon forget...

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Masked Menace vs. Noah Samson
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Jobberpaloozer 17 Arena Galleries

FREE Action Clip on Arena

Noah bulges big as Masked Menace spreads him wide in a crotch-ripping spladle

With his face wedged into Menace's crotch, Noah arches, caught with a crotch claw

Masked Menace locks down Noah tight with a pinning, skull crushing headscissors

Split wide, Noah's defenseless crotch is an open and inviting target for the Masked Menace

Masked Menace drags the thonged pretty boy facefirst into his sweaty crotch with a headscissors

Noah prostrated and crushed into the mat under the heel's knee as his gear is wedged up his ass

Noah Sampson: 5'11, 165 lbs

Kneeling and bent, Noah is trapped tight in a bow and arrow, abstretching combination

Noah's hot ass front and center in a neck-cranking rollup as the masked heel flexes

Rolled up and folded in half Noah is helpless as Menace pedals his big bulge

The Menace lifts Samson up and over his shoulder and works a rib-crushing bearhug

Throwing up a double bicep flex, the Menace tramples a leg bound Noah underfoot

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