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  Ty Alexander vs. Kenny Starr

Ty Alexander: 5'10, 160 lbs

Ty drives Kenny hard into the wall and reaches down low for a blatant crotch grab

Kenny's abs look all gift wrapped for Ty as he's smothered and stretched out for a gutbash

Kenny's back bends brutally and beautifully in a ball-grabbing over the knee backbreaker

With his arms bound behind his back, Kenny's shredded abs are an open target for Ty

Kenny climbs to the top of his competition against Ty with a double bicep flexing schoolboy

Pretty Boy to Veteran -- A Well Worn Path

Kenny Starr -- it's right there in his name. Chiseled and ripped, muscles in perfect proportion, he is easy to dismiss as just another pretty boy who just looks good on camera -- and who doesn't want to see that body stretched and bent, pounded and hit, slammed and twisted? Kenny's beautiful body is more than just a gorgeous canvas to create a masterpiece of pain on -- as Ty Alexander is about to find out. The self-styled Trophy Boy is a veteran of many battles, both in the ring and on the mats and anywhere anyone will show up to fight him. And you can tell by the leering smirk on his face as he enters the arena that he thinks Kenny Starr is another pretty victim to grind up, chew up, and spit out. As he looks Kenny up and down, he's clearly calculating what he wants to do to the pretty boy. But the easy headlock and take down quickly gets reversed into a vicious scissor hold that has the Trophy Boy screaming in surprised anger!

The crafty veteran has learned from all the beatings he's taken in the past -- and now it's Kenny's turn to scream! A brutal variation of a camel clutch has Kenny turning red and in such agony he can barely find the strength to moan, and Ty's glee in torturing the muscle boy is written all over his face. "Too bad you don't know how to use those muscles" Ty whispers tauntingly in his ear as he wraps his strong legs around Kenny's waist -- but Kenny breaks free and shows off his beautiful muscles, posing and taunting Ty. "You want a piece of these?" Those ripped abs were made for punching and Ty is only too happy to oblige! Punch after punch after punch, those oh-so-perfect abs turning crimson and with his own bloodlust now aroused and kicked into full gear, Ty starts giving Kenny an education -- a master's degree in suffering. Kenny powers his way out of yet another scissors, only to get some forearm smashes to his back that drop him down to the mat again, and now it's a headscissors, his reddened face smashed into Ty's sweaty, musty crotch, Ty's powerful quads tightening and squeezing, Kenny's perfect body stretched out and struggling as Ty moves through a brutal series of variations of that head scissors hold until finally Kenny has to tap himself out of the hold.

Now it's Ty's turn to flex, pulling Kenny into a nasty standing full nelson, Ty's grip pushing his head down further and further. Their bodies are now growing slicker and slicker with sweat, Kenny's ribs and abs and neck aching as he crawls across the mat, using the wall to pull himself to his feet -- but the nasty vicious desire he has inspired in Ty isn't going away anytime soon. Again the abs come under attack, again he is shoved and controlled down to the mat, the slap of his sweaty skin against it ringing through the Arena as Ty continues to control and dominate him. Kenny is helpless, any counter he makes expertly reversed, and through the red fog of pain clouding his mind all he can hear is Ty's low laughter, the taunting cocky voice, as he cries out submission after submission, and the question is no longer how much can he take, but how much WILL he take. As the torture goes on and on, Kenny just suffers, stretched and twisted and battered, his resistance now not even a conscious thing, just an instinct to survive....

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Ty Alexander vs. Kenny Starr
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Jobberpaloozer 17 Arena Galleries

FREE Action Clip on Arena

Trapped and helpless on the mat, Kenny endures a ball busting knee shot from Ty

Ty grinds Kenny's face into the mat as he reaches underneath with a crippling crotch claw

Kenny finally gets the upperhand against Ty as he backs him into the wall with a gutshot

Kenny's quads swell and look about to pop Ty's head off with a ball-grabbing headscissors

Ty clutches at Kenny's thick pecs as he works his face into his crotch-to-face headscissors

Sitting on the back of his head, Ty works a humbling wedgie on the muscled jobber

Kenny Starr: 5'9, 175 lbs

Prostrated under Ty, Kenny writhes and works to free himself from a humbling gear wedgie

Ty presses his advantage (and his bulge!) into Kenny's face with a rollup pin

Ty yanks Kenny up over his shoulder in a rib-crushing, atomic wedgie style bearhug

With his hands bound, Kenny's spine is wrecked in a neck-crunching backbender

Kenny Starr shows off his abs, pecs, arms, and handsome face

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