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  Kayden Keller vs. Nino Leone

Kayden Keller: 6'2, 175 lbs

Nino's back bends to the point of breaking in Kayden's crippling camel clutch submission

Nino's body looks as if it's being swallowed alive by Kayden's thick bodyscissors

Nino's face is ground mercilessly into the mat as Kayden flexes above him in a leg nelson

Nino snatches control from his would-be master as he climbs atop him in a deep-digging pec claw

Kayden bathes in the sunlight as he forecasts the darkness that lies ahead for Nino


Kayden Keller. The name inspires feelings of some sort whenever the name is uttered. Fans love to watch him work over his pitiable opponents, while other wrestlers feel a bit of fear when they hear it. He has mowed down so many foes, knocking them down like a bowling ball thrown at defenseless pins, and enjoys himself every step of the way. He likes pain. He likes to dish it out, he loves to take it, and he finds every aspect of it arousing. Is there anything more sensual or erotic than a battle between two men who have only their bodies to fight with, to put on the line, with only their battle-experienced instincts to see them through?

"You ready, punk?" Kayden asks with a smile that should strike fear in Nino's heart. "Come on then," Nino replies, aware that Kayden sees him as nothing more than another notch in his belt, another pushover, another punk to defeat and humiliate and demean and degrade, determined to be one of the few who have made Kayden taste and swallow defeat. Nino is always game, always ready, for anyone or anything, despite his checkered match history, he's always ready to put himself on the line and take on anyone who comes for him. As he sees Kayden smiling at him, he feels his own desire and excitement rising, the testosterone and adrenaline freely flowing through his veins and through the manhood concealed inside his trunks.

Quickly overpowered and taken down, his head crushed in a nasty headlock, he gamely fights back against the more experienced, more battled tested veteran. Scissored and choked by his own arm, he has no choice but to submit. Soon trapped underneath Kayden yet again, his arms pinned beneath Kayden's legs as Kayden goes to work on his hairy pecs, he can only writhe and struggle, gasping for breath, as Kayden dominates and controls him, tying him up into humiliating knots and using his own arm, yet again, to cut off his air. Again Nino surrenders, to only have a brief respite before Kayden comes after him again.

The camel clutch, his spine arching backwards, his head pulled back, Nino has no answers, and as his face reddens and his mind, his instincts, everything inside his mind telling him to keep resisting, keep fighting, hoping that Kayden will make some mistake, some error born of arrogance Nino can turn to his advantage. But that moment seems impossible to imagine as Kayden twists and bends him, Nino's traitorous dick hardening within his trunks, betraying the embarrassing truth that he's enjoying being dominated by a vicious heel, but his struggling continues to excite Kayden to new heights of brutality. Kayden is patient, loves to play with his victims much as a cat will toy with a mouse before killing it, and Kayden's methodology is to slowly and gradually beat down a foe, until he cannot help but admit that he likes being toyed with, likes being controlled and dominated, and as the beating continunes the erotic aspects of wrestling start to come out. Nino's erect nipples are just there for the twisting, his hairy pecs begging to be punched and smacked. His neck is there for choking and grasping, and then his face is finally ready for the head scissors, his face inches away from Kayden's manhood, and Nino is again surrendering, again submitting, again begging for mercy from the man who is becoming his master. And Kayden is only just getting started. Nino is tossed around, put through variations of classic holds tweaked by Kayden to be more humiliating, more degrading, more soul-crushing. That crotch is begging for Kayden's hands to grasp and squeeze, and as Nino lies on the mat, moaning and his balls aching, Kayden flexes and poses, his damp sweaty skin ready for Nino's worship, as their lips come together in a gentle, soft kiss. The kiss goes on as they explore each other's bodies -- but it is just a trick, a desperate move by Nino to distract his masterful stud and get control of him. Payback is a bitch, after all, and her name is Nino! But Kayden's not so easily beaten -- and now he is definitely aroused....and then the chain comes out...

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BG East Grudge Match 6 Arena Galleries

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Kayden pushes up off the mat as thick quads crush Nino's skull in a headscissors

Nino snatches victory from the jaws of defeat with a leg-splitting front sleeperhold

Insult to injury, Kayden rolls Nino up in a double-arm jap strangle cradle pin combination

The size-difference of this match on full display as Kayden throttles Nino bulge-to-bulge

Kayden bends Nino's pliant body to his every whim with a crotch-clawing, leg nelson

"The chain comes out"...and wraps around Nino's neck as a collar on the handcuffed twink

Nino Leone: 5'8, 140 lbs

Kayden mounts Nino's smaller body in a dominant bully pin with a two-handed choke

With Nino rolled onto his nelsoned arms, he's helpless as Kayden twists his nipples

A lusty liplock is shared by the two grapplers as Kayden claws and clutches Nino in a bodyscissors

Nino grabs a handful of Kayden's crotch as the two engage in a blistering, lust-fueled liplock

Kayden lays his hands all over Nino as he kneels before him with his hands cuffed behind him

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