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  Ace Aarons vs. Zip Zarella vs. Gunner Baer

Ace Aarons: 5'9, 185 lbs

Zarella and Aarons work together to break Gunner down with a bodyscissors armbar combo

Zarella mounts Gunners back and rides him to the mat with a rear naked choke hold

Aarons writhes helplessly under a big boot from Zarella as he throws up a double bicep flex

Ace throws up a big celebratory bicep flex as Zip screams in pain in a figure four leglock

A sweat-soaked Ace looms over a prostrate Zip Zarella daring him to get up for more

Ace Aarons and Zip Zarella have some scores to settle, and what better place than in the ring? Both are skilled studs who've made names for themselves since coming to BGEast, and both are looking forward to the chance to beat down the punk talking smack about him around the locker room -- Ace thinking Zarella's overrated; Zip thinking Ace is just a unskilled brawler who has to cheat to win matches. But before they can even tie up, their match is interrupted by muscle stud Gunner Baer, who doesn't like either of them and thinks they both need to just shut the fuck up. Bigger and stronger than both, Gunner offers to take them both on at the same time -- which is not very smart. Who wants to take on two foes at the same time? Only an arrogant fool -- or one who is so confident of his size and skill that he thinks he can focus on two at once instead of just one! Ace and Zip work the big man over but good, their own grudge forgotten as they work as a seamless team to put some hurt on Big Gunner and make the big man eat his arrogance, served with a side of humiliation and a heaping helping of 'next time think twice, dumbass.'

Finally, the big man is forced to submit to the brutal teamwork, but the pair isn't quite finished with him yet -- they want to teach him a lesson from A(ce) to Z(ip). Even when the hapless stud is able to strike a blow against one of his foes, the other is right there to blast him right back while his partner is reeling back. As individual wrestlers, Ace and Zip are pretty amazing; pair them together with a victim and they are brutal and unstoppable! Gunner is forced to submit again, rolling away across the ring while Ace and Zip just shakes their heads at his humbled hubris, giving him only a moment or two before coming back after him. But Gunner isn't as humbled as he should be, and he takes each of them down in turn before falling victim yet again to some seamless teamwork!

The big man can only groan as his torturers grow more confident with every blow and hold they land on his big body, his strength and training not able to handle the continued onslaught, and they aren't letting up on him until they are damned good and ready. An astonishing combination camel -- each with one leg -- almost has him submitting again, but he uses the power in his legs to break free and come after them yet again. One on one he'd probably easily dispose of the two smaller men, but together? Unable to determine how to protect himself, not knowing where or from whom the next attack is coming, Gunner is helpless as they continue to work together as a team better than most tag teams. Maybe, once this is over, the two studs can put their differences aside and team up?

But there's business to take care of first -- namely, putting Gunner down once and for all. Gunner is helpless before them -- even when he can land a blow to send one of them sprawling, he has the other to deal with. What were you thinking, Big Man? Sure, winning a 2-on-1 match against two skilled stars is a way to make a name for yourself -- but being humiliated by the two of them isn't really the best way to become a star in the Arena. Ace and Zip relish the work, too -- they are, after all, skilled professionals, and is there anything better than watching two professionals, masters of their craft, put on a demonstration of just how much damage they can inflict on an opponent? And it is a master class in torture, as they start taking turns with the massive muscleman, smacking him around and putting him through the kind of torture the big man thought he was going to inflict on them. And finally, the double pin -- but even that's not enough. All of the frustration and animosity they felt for each other is being taken out on the big man who dared interrupt their score settling -- until they unceremoniously toss him, not only out of the ring, but out the door. But no sooner is Gunner disposed of, the bad blood between Zip and Ace comes out yet again, and it's back into the ring for the delayed chance to settle their own feud once and for all...

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Ace Aarons vs. Zip Zarella vs. Gunner Baer
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BG East Grudge Match 6 Arena Galleries

FREE Action Clip on Arena

Zarella gets the last laugh as he ends up on top of the dogpile, pinning both of the studs

Letting bygones be bygones (for now...) Zip and Ace split Gunner's big legs wide

Zarella watches on as his erstwhile foe chokes the living shit out of big boy Gunner

Trapped in the corner, with a post-assisted surfboard and a boot choke from the Ace-Zip team

Zarella bulges and arches as he works the armbar on a grounded Aarons

A double teaming armbar has Gunner in trouble as he's crushed between Zip's big quads

Zip Zarella: 6', 205 lbs

Gunner Baer: 5'11, 220 lbs

Gunner is in agony as Aarons lays on a deep underhooking low blow on the bigger stud

Zarella and Aarons continue to team up on Gunner, readying him for a Mexican ceiling hold

Zarella stumbles back and howls in pain, clutching at his busted balls from Ace's low blow

Ace bucks on the mat, writhing desperately as Zip slaps a double-handed choke on him

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