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  Mason Brooks vs. Kayden Keller vs. Nino Leone

Kayden Keller: 6'2, 175 lbs

Nino Leone: 5'8, 140 lbs

Kayden watches on in frustration as Mason wrecks Nino's legs with a tight figure four leglock

Mason writhes helplessly under Kayden as he gets his own sweat-soaked gear ground in his face

Mason is laid out, helpless and exposed as Kayden clutches at his bulge

Mason is cuffed to the ropes and forced to watch as Nino serves the victorious heel

Battle for the Boy-Toy

Sexiest Match 2020
Kayden is proud of his new boy toy, Nino Leone, and wants to show him off. There's still some bad blood between Kayden and Mason Brooks from their match, and why not humiliate Mason by getting his ass kicked by Kayden's new boy toy? Leading him into the ring area, the notorious chain that brands Nino as Kayden's boy, Mason just laughs at them both. "This little bitch? Really?" Mason laughs as Nino jumps into the ring. "I'll humiliate him just like you need to be humiliated."

Mason also has a mean streak, and the very idea of humiliating Nino in front of his master and trainer is just the kind of thing to bring that nasty side of Mason out to the fore. Just as he did with Kayden, Nino gives up some size to the hunky heel. Mason is also a veteran wrestler, battle-tested and nasty to the core -- as Nino soon finds out. Despite his master's encouragement, he fares no better against Mason than he did when he met his master, again hearing the low laugh and taunts as Mason ties him up, beats him, makes him submit again and again, dominating him the way he clearly must enjoy being dominated. For Mason, there's the added bonus that embarrassing Kayden's protégé in front of him also means humiliating Kayden by proxy -- and Mason has been wanting to humiliated Kayden since their brutal battle.

He stands, swaying his hips in triumph as he flexed his biceps -- poor Nino doesn't know what he's in for yet! And again, his growing arousal betrays him and only adds fuel to Mason's fire. A bitch who LIKES getting beaten? Humiliated? Embarrassed and battered and beaten? As Nino lies twitching on the mat Mason taunts Kayden a little more. Mason offers Nino a free shot -- but of course it's a trick and then Mason is on him again, beating and battering, but unlike Kayden, he makes a mistake and gives Nino an opening, one that Nino is only too happy to waltz through! But strength, size and experience give Mason that added edge to reverse out and slap a Figure 4 on Nino. The agony and pain are written all over Nino's face as he begs Mason to free him, let him go, and as they get to their feet Nino gamely comes in on the attack only to fall prey to Mason's experience and determination.

Tossed from one side of the ring to the other like a practice dummy, Mason moves in for the kill. Gamely Nino keeps fighting back, while his master can only watch in dismay as his new boy is battered and pummeled and humiliated. And much as he hates to admit it, Kayden kind of enjoys watching, especially when Mason strips Nino from his trunks, leaving the battered boy sprawled on the mat in a thong, finally lifting him up into a torture rack -- but Kayden can't sit back and watch anymore. Tossing Nino aside like yesterday's trash Kayden goes after Mason -- "if you want anything done right, you have to do it yourself" -- and now, its Mason's turn to moan, to groan, to cry out a tragic submission as Kayden slams him down in an over the knee backbreaker. Now Kayden poses over the sweaty, battered body of the man he's held a grudge against since their first meeting as opponents, and Mason can do little but scream. Nino's torture isn't over yet, either. You don't disappoint Kayden and not suffer the consequences...but Mason ALSO has a score to settle with Kayden -- and this brutal battle is not even close to being finished yet...

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Mason Brooks vs. Kayden Keller vs. Nino Leone
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BG East Grudge Match 6 Arena Galleries

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Mason continues and work and bend Nino's pliant body with a kneeling bow-and-arrow variation

With Kayden's help Nino is more than a match with a double-teaming scissors attack

Mason smiles maliciously as he continues to break Kayden's toy with a torture rack

Mason looks poised to get the last laugh with a grounded figure four headscissors and headlock

Nino desperately tries to arch free with a double underhook, figure four headscissors combo

Proving sometimes you need to handle it yourself, Kayden wears Mason down with a headlock

Mason Brooks: 5'9, 155 lbs

Rolled up onto his shoulders, Nino gets a faceful of Mason's bulge as he's pinned to the mat

Towering over Nino's broken body, Mason gazes upon his writhing, insatiable practice dummy

Stripped of his trunks, Mason stumbles under the weight as Nino climbs his back for a rear choke

Mason, mastered, trapped under Nino as his face is ground into Kayden's swelling bulge

Mason throws up a double-bicep flex, more than ready to beat and break Kayden's new toy

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