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  Chace LaChance vs. Zach Reno

Chace LaChance: 5'9, 175 lbs

"This is wrestling!" Zach exults as he muscles his foe around the ring in a side headlock

Zach rips and tears at Chace's obliques as he works him in a grounded abstretch

Chace gets muscled around by the smaller stud in a backbending headlock

Zach works on breaking Chace down with a neck and backbreaking camel clutch variation

Zach stands triumphant with a single-arm bicep flex over the fallen carcass of Chace

Muscle versus Know-How

Chace is taking up Zach's training time, and Zach is hogging Chace's mirror. Zach Reno protests: "Nobody cares about your muscles." Hurtful words, and untrue, as LaChance's legions of fans will certainly attest. "I don't pose at the mirror by myself - I WRESTLE," Zach declares with the fervor of a true wrestling purist.

"Oh, you must not know who I am," Chace replies, "because I kick the ass of all the wrestlers around here." You have to love Chace's dry delivery. Gazing right over Zach's head and into the mirror, Chace gives 100-percent of his attention to his biceps. Reno can't believe his eyes and ears: "Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me?!" He practically shrieks New Jersey attitude taking some serious umbrage. Sensing it's time to take action, he rams his shoulder through the ropes into LaChance's taut but unprotected stomach.

In seconds, Zach is choking Chace against the top rope like a heel outta hell. "THIS - IS - WRESTLING!" Zach preaches as he grinds Chace's jaw in a side headlock. "This ain't no bodybuilding competition." But LaChance breaks free, literally peeling Reno off his head and returning to the mirror unfazed, as if nothing had happened. Zach's head is on the verge of exploding, but Chace is cool and calm as a swami.

This is a war between grappling science and muscle, and it looks like muscle may well triumph when Chace escapes Zach's body scissors by manually pulling Reno's legs apart. Undeterred, Zach is relentless and fast. He stays on Chace like a mosquito, and Chace keeps swatting him away.

Minutes later, we get another demonstration of the efficacy of thick and heavy muscle. Zach charges at Chace, and Chace catches him in midair in a ribs-crushing bearhug. Thirty seconds is thirty seconds, but the pain and pressure of a spine crunch makes thirty seconds feel ten times longer. Yet somehow Zach wriggles free, crawling up and over Chase's shoulder and slamming the bodybuilder down on his back.

Will Reno's dexterity and know-how triumph, after all? Now we hear LaChance whimper and moan, at last feeling the effects of Reno's relentless onslaught, on the back of years of arduous pro training. Reno takes full advantage of his control of LaChance, but then Chace backs him into a turnbuckle and regains the upper hand.

Chace's height and muscle prove useful as he gets Zach into a reverse bear hug, shaking him left and right, heaving him up and down. Of course, Zach resists, but only to find himself chest to chest with his muscly adversary, whose hands lock up against Reno's lower back, lifting him up and then slamming him down to the ring floor.

Zach's advantage is less a matter of muscle mass than of muscle memory, having devoted his adult life to turning his body into an encyclopedia of destructive attacks and submission holds. Brawn and years of preparation are in a dead heat for most of this 26-minute war of a match. In the final minutes, though, it appears that one of these men at last has a clear lead. Of course, anything can happen to turn the match, which escalates in intensity, leading to an insane figure-four leglock, superbly executed, that may or may not ultimately seal the deal for one of these ring warriors.

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Chace LaChance vs. Zach Reno
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Chace's back bends brutally as he's dragged up off the mat with a handful of hair

Chace gets his handsome face absolutely rocked against the turnbuckle with a knee to his skull

Zach elbows his way out of a shoulder carry with well-aimed shots to his opponent's skull

Zach finds himself cornered and on the receiving end of a furious fusillade of blows

Chace grovels and crawls on the mat, attempting to escape the vicious stomps to his knees

Cornered against the turnbuckle, Zach gets a big barefooted stomp to his muscled core

Zach Reno: 5'8, 160 lbs

LaChance brings all of his bulging muscle to bear in a chin-crunching full nelson

Zach's smaller body is shaken like a ragdoll in a merciless, rib-crushing bearhug

Chace rocks and writhes in pain as a crippling figure four leglock may spell his end in this bout

Chace kneels and grovels at the feet of his opponent as he's dragged up by his hair for more torture

The barefooted beefcake rains a big stomp down onto the back of the pro-wannabe prettyboy

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