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  Austin Cooper vs. Joey King

Austin Cooper: 5'9, 175 lbs

The two beefy brawlers clash and grind pec-to-pec in a stalemated test of strength

With his big arm forced into the air, Austin's thick body sags in the soul-sucking rear choke

King pulverizes, breaks, and bends the back and neck of Coop in a crippling camel clutch

King answers pleas to "fight fair" with a grounded, cornered bootchoke against the turnbuckle

Austin goes into full-on panic mode as his mighty lungs are denied air in a rear choke

"Fight Me Fair"

If you haven't already, you should skip back a few match-pages to see Austin Cooper when he first arrived on the BG East doorstep. Now look at him here, checking out his bulging musculature in the ringside mirror. He looks like he ate Austin 2011 for breakfast. The guy is swole. His shoulders and arms are solid and smooth as an oak bedpost. In flag-waving red, white, and blue trunks, he's Uncle Sam's studly grandson. Then from the other side of the ring, Joey King rests his elbows on the top rope and calls out, "Unfortunately, posing isn't really going to help you here." "Says who?" Coop replies. "This is a wrestling ring," Joey quips. "I don't know if you noticed or not."

The two men lock up collar and elbow in the middle of the ring. Austin proves his strength by pushing Joey into a corner, seemingly with no effort expended. "Not bad," Joey admits. Austin pumps up his biceps, smiling big. "I'll wait," Joey says with a smirk, letting Cooper finish posing. Then the two lock up again. This time Joey shoves Austin to a corner and holds him in place for a few extra seconds before breaking. "You're not THAT strong," King smugly observes. Then he challenges Coop to a "true test of strength," raising his right arm for a lockup. First, Austin needs to complete a few more pushups. Then the two lock fingers high above their heads. Joey brings the arms down, stretched out right and left, his chest bumping Austin's. The wrestlers grunt and groan, with Austin nearly getting Joey down on one knee. To prevent that, Joey breaks the hold and forearm slams the back of Cooper's head, forcing the muscleman to his hands and knees.

Now we know we're at BG East, folks! Joey resumes his roughneck handling of Austin. He smashes Austin's forehead to each of the ring's four turnbuckles, with one extra smash to raise the number to five. He flattens the guy facedown on the mat, gets him in a camel clutch, and then releases in order to stomp his heel down on Coop's shoulder. After Austin grabs the ropes to pull himself up, Joey backs him into a corner to ply the man's midsection with shoulder thrusts, repeatedly. Kneeling between the shoulder blades, King chokes Cooper against the middle rope. The clobbering and choking continue six more minutes, at last forcing Austin to tap out. Even then, Joey isn't satisfied until Austin says the words "I quit."

"Fight me fair," Austin pleads. "Fair" means nothing to Joey. He squats on Austin's chest and punches Austin's face as if he never intends to stop. Cockily, Joey gets down on all fours, offering Austin a free shot at him. Austin tries and fumbles, and Joey immediately retaliates, going berserker all over Coop. A few minutes later, Joey repeats the seemingly sporting offer and again is merciless in issuing payback. The pattern continues. At the start of the 38-minute match's final ten minutes, Austin hasn't yet had a legitimate hope spot, despite Joey's endless taunting and offers of free shots that end up making matters only worse for Cooper. Both men sweating, no square inch of Cooper's body free of pain, is it even possible for Austin to even the score? That moment appears to have been already lost. Further humiliation will be almost too painful to watch. But maybe? This is BG East, and such hopes are easily dashed here. Joey King has never been this hateful before, and Coop, never so overwhelmed. Will King get away with it? The odds are stacked high against Austin Cooper. But maybe?

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Austin Cooper vs. Joey King
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King uses the entirety of the ring to break Cooper as he wrecks his shoulder over the ropes

King in total control as he sends his jobber sailing across the ring, crashing to the mats

Austin gets pounded backfirst into the turnbuckles with a big shoulder spear to his chiseled core

The patriotic pretty boy writhes defeated on the mats, clutching his brutalized throat

Austin's beautifully muscled body is bent and controlled as his opponent locks in a full nelson

King is not going to show mercy to the muscleboy until he says "I quit" in the camel clutch

Joey King: 5'8, 190 lbs

With a big arm stretched out and back, Austin cries out as his body is brutally broken

Unfamiliar cries of pain sound from the mighty Coop as he's crushed from behind in a bearhug

Austin's thick, muscled legs are trapped with his back bent brutally in a boston crab

Austin doesn't look long for this fight, bent over in a neck-crushing strangle hold on the ropes

King intends to break the body and spirit of the fan favorite with a leg-twisting submission hold

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