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  Leon Lange vs. Gabe Steel vs. Jonny Firestorm

Leon Lange: 5'8", 165 lbs

The muscled perfection of the German on full display as he puts on a show for the latino stud

Joey watches and waits in the wings as his protege hoists the muscled jobber for a piledriver

Leon's lean muscled body bent and warped in an abstretch with Gabe's brutal ballbusting thrown in

Leon's spine is completely fucked after this with a pec-clawing double OTK backbreaker

Leon grits his teeth in a bid to withstand the torture from the backbreaking hold the heels have on

Size Does Matter!

Leon Lange is the biggest thing to come out of Germany since bratwurst and beer. The scorching hot muscle hunk set hearts racing in his debut match, with his dimpled chin and that body ripped off of the cover of fitness magazines. Packing around that much power, wrapped up in such a pristinely pretty package, it's little wonder that Leon has instantly brought the heels sniffing. There's an intoxicating air of mystery that mixes with his designer cologne, that's guaranteed to bring out the very worst in opponents.

Gabe Steel has set his sights on becoming the very worst opponent possible. The devastatingly sexy beefcake has been making his way through the roster of our most notorious heels, demanding to have his rock hard muscles tested by the best. Gabe has demonstrated an incredible tolerance for pain, and a stunning capacity to soak up vicious punishment. Culminating in his most recent ball-busting heel tutorial at the hands, feet, knees, and elbows of legendary heel, Jonny Firestorm, Gabe has been studiously taking notes.

He has been eagerly awaiting an opportunity to practice the fine art of merciless muscle brutality on an unsuspecting beefcake coverboy. Catching dazzlingly pretty Leon posing in the ring, Gabe licked his lips and tucked in, ready to sate his appetite as a rising muscle heel.

A study in contrasts, Leon and Gabe flex in side-by-side comparisons. While both gorgeous hunks sport sensational physiques, Leon smirks and points out that he possesses superior definition and aesthetic tone. Interrupting the European fantasy man's double bicep pose, Gabe snaps his gargantuan arms around him in a full nelson, growling, "But, size does matter!"

Blindsided by Gabe's endless ambition and newfound arsenal of brutal low blows and submission holds, Leon is in deep trouble, fast. "Does that hurt, princess," Gabe demands to know, scooping his opponent's stunningly proportioned body up and bashing his back across his knee. The freshman muscle heel dominates with relentless offense and entirely unnecessary roughness, battering Leon with power and skill, and then spreading the icing on the cake with nasty low blows and vicious chokes. Gabe pries the pretty boy apart in a bow-and-arrow, wringing out a wail of tortured agony from the handsome muscle hunk. "That's it," Gabe crows. "I like hearing you scream! It's music to my ears!"

Gabe freezes, mid-hold, when he notices Jonny Firestorm has climbed onto the ring apron to inspect his work. "Oh, shit," the novice muscle heel mutters. Flashbacks of the humiliations and infinite variations of torture flood back, from the ball-busting battering he took from the legendary heel. But Jonny looks like a proud coach, admiring Gabe's finesse and ferocity. "Don't let me interrupt," he insists. "That looks real good! I see you learned a little something."

The piece of the puzzle that Gabe is still missing, however, is wrenching out a submission from the stubbornly tough, gorgeously built international man of mystery. He takes Leon to the edge of panic, again and again, but can't quite seal the deal of making him give. The professor offers pointers, but finally, impatiently Jonny climbs in the ring to show his aspiring protégé how it's done.

With fresh and delicious meat like Leon already wounded, can two powerhouse predators really share the spoils? One-upmanship ratchets up the spirit of competition between Jonny and Gabe, as Leon struggles to hold onto the tattered remains of his dignity. Two-on-one combination holds test whether sadistic heels can cooperate, without turning on one another. Leon's absolute destruction is a disaster for international diplomacy, can Jonny and Gabe negotiate what it takes for two bruising, brutal heels to be successful allies?

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Hunkbash 27 Arena Galleries

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Leon's chin gets crunched down into his thick pecs, suffering a neck-cranking full nelson

Gabe holds the hunky centerfold in place as Jonny's thick forearm rockets up into his balls

Jonny takes on restraining duties with a nelson to let Gabe bust and break down the chiseled core

A maniacally grinning Gabe wrecks Leon's thick quad as he writhes in a pec-clawing bodyscissors

The fitness model's mug isn't so pretty anymore with Gabe's boot grinding it into the canvas

Leon can do nothing but suffer in the leg nelson restrained Russian gas pedal

Gabe Steel: 5'9, 205 lbs

Double the pleasure, double the fun: A heel team up has lusty Leon, crabbed, scissored, and pummeled

The hunky heel brothers work together to break the stud with a ball-busting, racking headscissor

Leon trapped in a sexy spider's web, strangled with a big hammersmash from Master Heel Jonny

Jonny works a soul sucking sleeper on the sexy stud as Gabe works a crushing crotch claw

Stretched out in no man's land, a crucified Leon gets a big brutal chop across those thick pecs

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