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  Dio Characi vs. Ace Aarons

Dio Characi: 6', 190 lbs

The Brazilian beauty meets up with his first opponent in his debut for the big leagues of BG East

Dio isn't going to let himself get upstaged by his fellow heel, fighting to free himself from a bear

Dio's back bends to near-breaking as he's yanked back in a powerful hold by the pro stud

Aarons uses a fast and furious forearm to rearrange the Brazilian boy's beautiful features

Characi's charm offense bewilders an awestruck Aarons as the kneeling stud laps at his pecs

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Welcome Brazilian underground wrestling phenom, Dio Characi, to the BG East ring! The adorable, babyfaced hunk is internationally renowned for his no-holds-barred erotic brutality. Lovely Dio has conquered countless rivals south of the equator, and he's eager to test his unique brand of relentless erotic domination against the best in the world. Naturally, he signed up for an audition with BG East!

"Very nice," Dio admires, when he finds Ace Aarons flexing his rock hard muscles in the ring. The Brazilian hunk is gorgeous, with his impressive package and meaty ass squeezed so improbably into the briefest white briefs. "You like what you see," Ace says, more of a statement of the obvious, rather than a question. Ace's ego is nearly as big as his bulging muscles, and almost as impenetrable as his arsenal of wrestling offense. Dio is far from the first young hunk to come around for an up close look and feel of his dangerously beautiful body. "Yeah," Dio admits eagerly. "I like it!"

They flex their hot muscles, side-by-side, on the pretense that Dio is looking for posing tips. Don't believe it, though. Ace doesn't believe it, either, as he lets the young stud cop a gratuitous feel of his peaked biceps and pumped pecs. Dio can't take his eyes off of the preening hunk, heaping praise on Ace's hot bod. "You look okay," Ace returns damningly faint praise on Dio's gorgeous physique. "But did you come here just to flatter me, or to wrestle?" Suddenly serious, Dio growls, "Actually, I came here to see if those muscles really work."

Dio's cherubic smile is just a disguise. Scratch the surface, and you're going to find that he's a sensationally sexy punishment slut. "Those muscles look good," he challenges Ace, "but they look weak." The insult blindsides Ace, whose ears typically can't register anything but fawning praise. The veteran pro wrestler opens up a vicious attack on the newcomer, wringing Dio out in a brutal bearhug. "You're joking, right," Dio winces, but snarls defiantly. "Surely, you can do it harder!" Shocked, Ace force-feeds him one ruthless submission hold after another, growing more cruelty by degrees, as his deceptively adorable challenger demands more.

Despite Ace's reluctance to acknowledge any admiration of Dio's objectively gorgeous physique, the pro wrestler's body confesses the lust that Ace is loath to admit out loud. The Brazilian weaves a powerful spell, sucking down his opponent's every offense and demanding more. Dio reaches behind him to stroke Ace's crushing arms, even as the newcomer struggles against being broken in half in his opponent's camel clutch. The ferocity on Ace's face evaporates, suddenly unable to resist twisting Dio's gorgeous face to the side and leaning in to kiss him. "No. NO!" Ace shakes himself out of the spell, throwing his opponent to the mat and walking away to regain his composure.

"It doesn't matter how cute you are," Ace snarls, shoving Dio's face into his crotch. "In this ring, I'm always the winner!" Dio just grins, tugging at his opponent's trunks with his teeth playfully. "You shove my head in your crotch, and you think I'm a loser," Dio asks incredulously, licking the sweat from Ace's body. Ace has faced, and defeated, opponents in every conceivable form of combat, but he's defenseless against the erotic sorcery that lovely Dio weaves over him, time and time again. Ace demonstrates his dominance in one vicious hold after another, but the irresistible liplocks are all about Dio's power to blunt his opponent's offense, and melt his raging ego. Can Ace break the spell, or will cherubic Dio tame that rage with his gorgeous body and enticing lips?

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Dio Characi vs. Ace Aarons
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Dio dangles crucified in the ropes, big black boot crushing his balls as Ace threatens holy hell

Dio has to be finished...right? Aarons looms dominantly dragging Dio up with his wedgied gear

Aarons vows to make sure Dio's fans won't recognize him as he rips and claws at his face

Who has who?! Aarons climbs ontop with a liplock, Dio's powerful quads wrapped around his waist

Dio is put through his paces in the ropes by the experienced pro stud in one torturous hold after an

"It doesn't matter how cute you are!" Aarons declares as Dio drools and fades in a headscissors

Ace Aarons: 5'9, 187 lbs

Ace gets a feel of what the underground rookie is packing underneath in a headscissors

Dio's fans must be biting their nails at this point as he fades and drools in Aarons' sleeper

It looks like Aarons has the rookie's number, bending him in a backbreaking boston variation

Dio is getting completely run through, bent back brutally with a tight rear chinlock

Riding high on Dio's back, Aarons controls and claims a victory liplock in the chinlock

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