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  Kayden Keller vs. Nathan FX

Kayden Keller: Keller: 6'2, 175 lbs

Kayden's powerful arms clamp tightly around Nathan's ribs in a crushing reverse bearhug

Kayden drags his sexy wrestling dummy up off the mat with a leash around his neck

Kayden hams it up for the studio audience (and you at home!), flexing with a knee to the gut

Kayden might be enjoying himself a bit too much as he rubs his crotch with the jobber's face

The audience counts along as Kayden pins his broken toy with one finger for the 1-2...

"This is not a democracy! I rule!"

Best Full PRODUCT of 2022
There's something spontaneous and combustible about BG East wrestling, especially when it happens in front of a bevy of loud mouthed wrestlers at ringside. Wrestlefest 4 continues that rich tradition, pitting hot hunks against one another amid the discerning taunts and raucous cheers of their colleagues. Sneering, snarling heels have lined up on one side of the ring to savor the low blows and sip at the salty tears of suffering jobbers. Staying a safe distance away, on the other side of the ring, there's a deep bench of babyface beauties, ready to fiercely cheer on their handsome heroes. Thus inspired, with not just victory on the line, but bragging rights and public humiliation at stake, Wrestlefest matches are just that much more exposed, more intense, and a whole lot louder!

Kayden Keller's arrival in the ring inspires a standing ovation from the heels, of course. Our reigning Top Heel five years running, Kayden has also earned the ire of the babyfaces, who boo and hiss at the notorious, bearded hunk in dastardly black trunks and boots. Some of them at ringside know all too well just how crushingly brutal and sadistically savage big Kayden is, so it's little wonder they're instantly rooting against him. It probably doesn't help matters that he flips them off the louder they jeer.

The babyface jeers turn into rousing cheers as star spangled beauty, Nathan FX, comes sprinting into the ring. He points an impudent finger in Kayden's face, crowing, "It's time you learned, baby!" The lovely, lean rookie flexes his guns to the roar of his backers, before ripping off his tear-away long shorts to reveal an even sexier, tighter, butt-hugging pair of American flag trunks underneath. Was there ever a more classic match-up between an American dreamer and a merciless mercenary?

Nathan is still soaking in the adoring praises of his boosters, when Kayden unceremoniously kicks him in the gut and bulldogs his face to the mat. "Yeah, he really looks amazing, doesn't he," Kayden taunts the suddenly silenced babyfaces, shocked to see their champion leveled in a heartbeat. Nathan's American dream turns into a dark, dark nightmare as his hot, lean body is systematically dismantled and packed away, piece by piece. Breathless bearhugs and skull crushing headscissors make heroic Nathan scream in agony, drowning out the impassioned pleas of his compatriots begging for him not to submit. "Listen to those fans," Kayden taunts him, choking the rookie in face-to-crotch headscissors.

However, the tireless, eternally hopeful cheers of the babyfaces help Nathan dig deeper than he's ever had to before, bringing Kayden's legendary offense to a screeching halt with a savage kick to the balls and a knee strike to Kayden's face. It's the ringside heels' turn to roar in outrage, as tenacious little Nathan literally bites his opponent's hand and snaps his sweat-soaked, whipcord thighs around his Kayden's head, pouring every ounce of strength into punishing the bully on behalf of all of the prettyboys Kayden has tortured in the past.

Lovely Nathan turns redder, whiter, and bluer the longer Kayden takes in pummeling him and prying him apart. Beaten and battered with a folding chair, choked with his own wrist tape, it's almost hard to watch the rookie out and out beg, "Please, please don't!" Well, it's hard, unless you're one of the roaring heels at ringside giving Kayden a standing ovation.

With eight partisans an arm's length from the ring and no refs, there's guaranteed to be outside interference and sidebar spats. The fight nearly turns into a melee when one overeager babyface trips Kayden mid-move, sparing Nathan from another relentless barrage of punishment. "I'll see you later," Kayden snarls furiously, jabbing a finger in the spectator's face, before turning his attention back to the task at hand. Will the unflinching support of his babyface colleagues keep Nathan's all-American dreams alive, or will the heels feast, once again, on sweet, grain-fed, fresh meat?

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Kayden Keller vs. Nathan FX
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Nathan might not be able to make much more as the jubilant heel works an over the knee backbreaker

Nathan can only cry for mercy with his back and neck bent brutally in a camel clutdh

How much more can poor Nathan take?! Kayden cranks back in a boston crab

Nathan stuns as he mows the bigger Kayden over, knocking him to the canvas

Kayden asks for help from the audience as he has the jobber bent over the ropes

Kayden reps out some pushups, headscissoring Nathan for a little extra (read: not much) resistance

Nathan FX: 6'1, 170 lbs

Spurred on by the cheering crowd, Kayden sets Nathan up for more torture

Nathan looks to turn the tide, using the turnbuckles with a skull-crushing headscissors

Twisted up like a pretzel, Nathan has nowhere to go in the knee-kissing cradle

Kayden can't resist laying a humiliating spanking on the thoroughly humbled, patriotic-trunked hunk

Kayden smirks down upon yet another broken jobberboy with a humiliating boot to his handsome face

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