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  Jonny Firestorm vs. Dio Characi

Jonny Firestorm: 5'5, 185 lbs

Beefy bear daddy Jonny bends and breaks the hunk du jour across his knee with a backbreaker

Dio's screams of pain only encourage Jonny more as he works a core-clawing abstretch

Raging bulge! Jonny grinds his swollen bulge into the face of his kneeling, aching victim

Dio clutches at his brutalized abs, wanting this all to end as Jonny pulls him up by his hair

Paying for his defiance in spades, Dio gets cranked in a back and neck wrecking camel clutch

Legendary Heel Versus Rookie Phenom: History in the Making!

Best Submissions 2022
Best Overall MATCH of 2022
Wrestlefests come around only every few years because it takes that long for everyone to recover! With egos in jeopardy and a jury of their peers lined up at ringside, wrestlers take chances and go to extremes that, otherwise, they'd think better of. It's a serious challenge to try to keep a lid on the explosive concoction that we brew up, every time we let a live audience of fellow wrestlers get front row seats to watch, and try to resist interfering with a match.

Even rarer is a wrestler with the longevity to appear in more than one Wrestlefest. Jonny Firestorm officially becomes only the second wrestler in history to headline a Wrestlefest two different times, bringing his notoriously brutal brand of thrilling thuggary to an arena full of former foes. The heels gathered at one side of the ring hail the arrival of the legendary bad boy as fiercely as the babyfaces on the other side of the ring taunt him. Standing next to his babyface opponent, Brazilian phenom Dio Characi, Jonny can't help but echo the adoring praise from Dio's boosters at ringside. "Look at this hunk," Jonny admires the 6-foot talll, achingly young muscle stud with the face of an angel. The babyfaces roar with approval every time dashing Dio flexes his lush muscles, followed by their dismissive taunts when Jonny arrogantly tries to compare physiques.

In this battle of beauty versus beast, Jonny's years of experience and studious devotion to the dark heel arts dig a deep, deep hole for the handsome hero. A sucker punch from behind, followed by a vicious leg drop across Dio's cherubic face, leaves the Brazilian seeing stars within seconds of the bell ringing. Every luxuriously muscled inch of the long, sexy hunk is stretched to perfection in a spine-adjusting camel clutch. Over and over, the nasty heel drags Dio up by his curls, only to brutally beat the beautiful boy back down again. "Let's go Dio," the babyface boosters chant in support, but the sexy rookie is getting rocked hard.

Although technically a rookie, lovely Dio arrived on these shores with a deep resume of balls-to-the-wall underground wrestling experience. And it shows, right around the time that he reverses an Irish whip, before scooping Jonny up in a cradle and pounding the shocked veteran down with authority in a high-impact over-the-knee backbreaker. It's babyface hysteria at ringside when the cherubic beauty scoops Jonny up a second time and pounds him back down across his knee once again and decisively, viciously claws Jonny's big balls! Jaws drop in shock on the heels' side of the ring when big, beautiful Dio hoists Jonny up in a torture rack and parades the legendary heel around the ring like a chump. "What's wrong, Jonny," the babyfaces taunt ecstatically, when the notorious bad boy whimpers out the shocking first fall submission!

Dashing Dio makes Jonny dig deep into his bag of dirty tricks to keep up with the young hunks' ferocity and power. The heel paints a target on the Brazilian's swinging balls, delivering them countless stomps, punches, claws and headbutts. Jonny keeps Dio in heel territory, tossing the handsome hunk out of the ring and into the waiting clutches of the ravenous heels starving to take a bite out of the pretty boy. Driven mad by being upstaged by this achingly pretty rookie with a fantasyman physique, Jonny bites Dio's nipples and even chomps on the muscle hunk's balls, making the Brazilian weep and wail in multiple languages.

Neither of these fierce competitors is about to go down without giving every last ounce of fight left in him. Dio loses his trunks, but honestly, not a single wrestler in the arena seems disappointed to get a look at the Brazilian's dazzlingly hot muscle butt in a thong! Just when Jonny seems to be riding destiny to yet another brutal victory, daring Dio literally picks the veteran up and throws him, overhead, across the ring. One stunned superstud loses only when he's knocked out cold, leaving one side of the ring roaring with delight, and the other side stunned in defeat. Chalk this match up as possibly the most explosive contest in Wrestlefest history, and that is saying a lot!

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Jonny Firestorm vs. Dio Characi
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Hanging in a tree of woe, Dio can't defend himself as Jonny slaps down a vicious twisting ball claw

Laid out across the laps of the "fans", Dio gets trampled under Jonny's big boots

Dio is in a world of hurt, stretched and bent in a leg nelson with a ball claw for good measure

Jonny's mexican ceiling hold has the fresh-faced jobber boy screaming for mercy

Pulling him up by his hair and trunks, Jonny prepares to take this fight outside the squared circle

Dio dominant! Big bad heel daddy Jonny gets stretched out in an over the knee backbreaker

Dio Characi: Characi: 6', 190 lbs

Dio gets his trunks wedged up his beautiful ass as Jonny sets him up for more punishment

No sophomore slump here! Can Dio pull off an upset in only his second match with this bearhug?!

Going up! Jonny rocks back as he locks and sets Dio up for a crippling mexican ceiling hold

Dio struts around the ring in front of Jonny's fans with their hero in a torture rack

Dio gets hoisted up across Jonny's back with a joint-ripping crucifix submission hold

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