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  Paris Philippi vs. Gabe Steel

Paris Philippi: 5'10, 165 lbs

Gabe bends and twists Paris' lean physique out in a torturous abstretcher

Gabe's thick, power-packed arms wrap tightly around the jobber in a rib-crushing bearhug

Jobber on the rise? Paris throws up a casual bicep flex and works a crushing bodyscissors

Paris suffers and pries at the big fists desperately, trying to escape a powerful bearthug

The newly-minted jobberboy finds himself crucified in the ropes and fading in a rear naked choke

Rock Solid Beating

Paris Philippi is the newest ripped superstud arrogantly entering the BG East arena ready to wipe the mat with the BGE stars he's heard so much about. His tight muscles and washboard abs exude power, but Gabe Steele has never packed a bigger arsenal of muscle as he savors the young newbie. "I like 'em cocky," the blond heel-star says as Paris brags about destroying him. Paris trained in Europe but he's all-American now, tattooed and sporting a USA speedo that perfectly cups his assets on both sides. Gabe is smiling and salivating as he confidently tells the posing rookie "You're goin' down."

Their pose off shows off two styles of musclestud: the lean ripped fast-twitch body coiled to strike, and the beefy muscle ready to absorb but also dish out punishment. Gabe tries to push Paris to the corner and crush him there, but Paris is too fast and soon Gabe is suffering in those iron bar legs, scissoring his midsection and reminding Gabe not to underestimate this muscleboy.

Gabe uses his muscle mass advantage to turn the bodyscissors around, and then unleashes a series of attempted submissions on the rock solid stud, whose body he attempts to apply single leg crabs to. Not only is Paris solid as steel-reinforced concrete, but he is willing to take the pain as Gabe single-leg crabs one leg then another; only by tenderizing the newbie's back in a truly challenging camel clutch does Gabe get a submission but he's already covered in sweat from the effort.

Gabe is just getting started, though, as he begins a series of further exercises on the still-arrogant stud, surfboarding his injured back, humiliating him with his armpits, and bending the hunk first one way then another. Gabe starts to zero in on Paris's impressive abs using claws, a guillotine stretch, standing abdominal stretch, and a series of big fists and blows to the perfect abs of the failing muscle god.

At one point, bored with the cocky stud's threats, Gabe lets Paris have a few free shots at Gabe's own 'wall of abs', sucking up the punches then going after Paris' ripped midsection with a vengeance! Screaming out his reluctant submissions again, Paris's ego doesn't seem to comprehend what his staggering body is telling him: as he tries to get up and strut around as though he's not getting beat, Gabe lifts him in a reverse bearhug working his weakened abs further as the rookie grimaces in pain! Next gutbusters, elbows and claws punish Paris's stomach and pecs. Bearhugs allow Gabe to wedgie the incredulous jobber-stud. With headscissors from all angles, and mutliple throat-crushing sleepers from Gabe's giant arms, Gabe enjoys himself as he turns the muscle stud into a jobber stud, as he traps Paris in the ring ropes and leaves him knocked out in this spectacular lesson in overconfidence, overcome!

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Paris Philippi vs. Gabe Steel
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Paris crawls around on all fours as the bigger latin stud drags him up for more punishment

Gabe brings all his bulging muscle to bear as he coils around the newbie with a choking bodyscissors

Paris bites back the pain with his lean muscled bod backed into the corner for a gutbashing

Gabe won't rest until this jobber is completely broken as he drops him with a big gutbuster

Throwing up a big, victorious double bicep flex, Gabe's thick quads squeeze down on Paris' skull

Paris reels on the mat as a big boot bears down on his chiseled core as the heel looms

Gabe Steel: 5'9, 205 lbs

Paris gets a faceful of Gabe's sweaty pit with his body bent back in a grounded inverted headlock

Paris gets stretched out helplessly with Gabe driving and digging his elbow deep in his obliques

Paris hung out to dry, his trunks riding up his ass, wasting away in a spine-snapping bearhug

Gabe pulls away at both ends with a knee to Paris' back in a spine-warping bow-and-arrow

Gabe looks to end Paris' wrestling dreams before they begin with a backbreaking camel clutch

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