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  Tanner Ripley vs. Ty Alexander

Tanner Ripley: 5'9, 165 lbs

The winner of the battle of the butts a foregone conclusion: Ty challenges Tanner to an ass-off

Between the ropes and a hard place, Tanner is headscissored with his gear wedged high up his hot ass

Making sure his opponent doesn't leave with his sterling looks intact, Ty rips at his face in a camel clutch

Tanner doesn't look long for this match (or world!) as Ty rides and strangles him on the ropes

Sinking into the turnbuckles, Tanner is forced to gaze into the face of his motor-mouthed bully

Bones to Pick

He may have developed a corps of fans in underground wrestling, but Tanner Ripley is a fresh face at BG East. Fresh faces often have short lifespans at BGE, with its heels always on the prowl. Watching him flex in the center of the ring, we pegged Tanner for a wet-behind-the-ears showoff. Then, Ty Alexander climbs onto the ring apron, and we said, "Wow boy! Look out for the flying chunks of egos! We have a sure-enough dogfight on our hands!" Nobody's surprised when Ty cops a feel of Tanner's pecs and abs. He then invites Tanner to compare butt cheeks, tuning them towards the camera. Tanner has a perky set of glutes, but they are half the size of Alexander's melons. "You can't equal that," Ty boasts. Tanner cockily retorts, "Disagree with you on that."

A shoving match gets them riled up, and they lock up collar and elbow. Ty drives his knee into Tanner's ribs and punches him face down on the mat. Putting his weight on Ripley's lower vertebrae, Alexander locks his fingers on his opponent's chin and draws the head back in a camel clutch. Then, he reaches down to pinch Tanner's left pec. He mocks the new hire's "pretty little body," and grabs a handful of Tanner's hair, yanking the head back at a stiff angle. Ty pulls Tanner up on hands and knees, jumps, banging his heavy butt on the new kid's spine. Ty chuckles ominously and repeats the backbreaker. He pulls Ripley to his feet and body-slams him. Clearly, Alexander intends to smash his opponent to pieces.

For the next twenty-something minutes, Ty tests the new guy's durability, banging his cannonball butt up against Tanner's torso at the corner ropes, choking him on the top rope, sitting on the back of his opponent's neck on the middle rope, bending him backwards, testing Tanner's tolerance for pain with a bouquet of backbreakers, sitting on Tanner's face, stomping his chest and abs, crushing his boot heel against Tanner's throat, applying a wedgie, mouth-stretching, digging his elbow into the new hire's gut, and many more humiliating and agonizing shows of callousness. Ty lets Tanner and all the rest of us know that he is now utterly merciless, vengeful, and patently destructive.

As the match nears its finish, Ripley's body shines with sweat. It's a miracle that he survives the ordeal at all (assuming he does survive), but this rising star is gorgeous drenched in his own perspiration. His vulnerability through much of the match inspires pity and lust along the way to an anticipated reversal, which may or may not happen. Let's get real: the chances of his survival are slim. He is precisely the kind of punk Ty Alexander likes to take apart. Fans of Alexander will relish the inventiveness of his punishments. The guy's a madman. Having been comic relief or sexy plaything in his earliest matches, he has since proved himself a vicious adversary, who lives and breathes for the wreckage of an opponent's body and self-esteem. Once the underground's go-to jobber, Ty today is 100-percent brute. Next!

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Tanner Ripley vs. Ty Alexander
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Tanner staggers and struggles to remain standing as Ty pulls him in for passion...or punishment

Jerked back by his hair, Tanner's back bends around the point of the jobber-turned-heel's knee

This wedgie turns atomic as the bent and headscissored Tanner is completely helpless

Using the ropes, Ty wraps and suspends the new sexy toy in a joint-stressing submission hold

Ty plants his much (self)lauded, oft-awarded, bounteous booty atop his KO'd jobber's face

Tanner's tortured and twisted spine is tested and bent in a torturous face-to-face submission

Ty Alexander: 5'7, 180 lbs

Tanner's limber body bent back in an inverted headlock, Ty gropes and muscles his "pretty little body"

Ty's bulge hump Tanner's ass as he lifts and carries him in a neck-crunching full nelson variation

With a handful of bulge and a crushing grip on his throat, Ty brutalizes Tanner in a backbreaker

With sweat dripping down his sizzling muscles, Tanner gasps and flags in a soul-sucking choke

Ty teases and titillates Tanner from behind as he begs for the torture to end soon

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