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  Tanner Vonn vs. Monstah Mike*

Monstah Mike: 5'10, 230 lbs

Massive Monstah Mike flexes his huge biceps for the worship and admiration from the new blood

The two muscled roughnecks clutch and claw each other's furry pecs as Mike bears down

Mike looks to silence the rookie's cries of pain as he handgags him whilst working a crotch claw

Monstah Mike flexes up his mountainous bicep with Tanner bent in a brutal over the knee backbreaker

Tanner clings to the big man, his cock sticking straight up as a sleeper takes him under

Give Me Your Best Hold

Tanner Vonn stretches in a singlet in the center of the BGE ring. He's tall, relaxed, and handsomely rugged. He's new to this ring, but you may have spotted him elsewhere. He's ready to take on the big boys now. Monstah Mike enters the ring, his eyes sizing Tanner up, the way wrestlers do. "I thought you were bigger," he says, smirking and flexing his cantaloupe-sized biceps. "Look at me," he says. "I don't think I should even waste my time wrestling you." He invites Tanner to put him in a wrestling hold. Tanner obliges, applying a full nelson hold. Mike chuckles and effortlessly breaks the hold, peeling Tanner off like he's a dinner jacket. He gives the new hire a second chance, but this time he throws Tanner to the ring floor.

"Let me try something else," Tanner says. He applies a firm headscissors. Mike concedes it's "slightly better" than the first try. Tanner takes the hold further and rolls over, scouring the mat with Mike's face and casually doing a few pushups. Mike is shocked at the strength and pressure of Tanner's thighs. Unwisely, Tanner taunts the ironman, who offers a deal: let him go and he'll let Vonn worship him as much as he wants. Deal! Tanner releases, and Mike is true to his word. Amid heavy breathing, Tanner's hands caress Mike's pecs, hard as barbell weights. They move up and down the strongman's torso. Both men take deep, sonorous breaths. Then, suddenly, Monstah shoves Tanner's face to his crotch and falls back.

We're supposed to ignore how sexy it is as Mike rocks Tanner back and forth. Mike grips Tanner's cock and balls, eliciting the slim challenger's pained but ecstatic moans. Mike straddles Tanner's chest, but Tanner breaks loose and rolls Mike onto his back and straddles his waist. Mike grabs Tanner by the throat and reverses. He mocks the rookie's attempt to beat him. He calls Tanner his fanboy, but then suddenly Vonn is on top again, clawing his pecs once again. Vonn thrusts upward, wrapping both arms around Mike's head and squeezing hard. More than a little pissed off, the Monstah rolls over on top of Tanner, rears up and thrusts his iron body down on the fanboy, driving the air out of the rookie's lungs.

Don't write Tanner off, just yet. He speedily repositions and rides Monstah's ass while choking the man with one arm while pulling the man's other arm back. "Now I'm actually having fun," grunts the heavyweight, suddenly red in the face. Monstah means it when he calls this tussle fun. We're as surprised by Tanner's vigor and persistence as Monstah is. Monstah pushes upwards and comes crashing down on Tanner's lean physique, leaving the challenger flat on his back and catching his breath.

Both men are just getting started. Despite the hard knocks, or more likely because of them, these guys are all smiles as they come to appreciate each other's determination, raw power, firm physiques. The back and forth stops at the match's midpoint. Vonn is nearly busting out of his g-string now with excitement. One man gives the other a hard thrashing all the way to some cock-stroking chokes and a quick exit to finish their business in private. This is new-era BG East, capitalizing on its record-breaking history, pulling in astounding new talent, and letting muscle-worshiping roughnecks go at each other like gladiators.

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Tanner Vonn vs. Monstah Mike*
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Tanner proves his strength and skill, working the big man over in a crushing headscissors

Mike gets up close and personal with the fanboy's excitement in a face-to-crotch headcissors

Tanner's bone keeps wagging as the massive Monstah swipes at it in an inverted headlock

Monstah's fearsome quads swallow the newbie's face in a crotch-smothering headscissors

Trapped and trounced in the corner, Mike seizes Vonn's eager cock as he chokes him in the turnbuckle

Tanners cute little head disappears in the Monstah's massive thighs in a cock-stroking headscissors

Tanner Vonn: 5'11, 190 lbs

Mike's tree trunk thighs clamp down tight as his claws latch on to the rookie's exposed bulge

Tanner looks to make his mark all over the big strongman with a chin-cranking camel clutch

Tanner's tantalizing torture has him writhing and tenting with the bigger man ripping his groin wide

Mike can't seem to keep his hands off of the rookies bulge as he twists him up in a submission hold

Mike gives Tanner his rude welcome to BG, looming over him and stomping his bulge underfoot

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