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  Luis Otero vs. Kirk Donahue

Luis Otero: 5'11, 220 lbs

Not one to back down from a challenge (no matter how big!) Kirk slaps on a reverse bearhug

Kirk gets just a taste (and an unforgiving feel) of the newbie's true power with a hoisted reverse bearhug

The heel laid low! Massively muscled Luis kneels and flexes on the broken body of his would-be conqueror

Luis already looks gassed after going toe-to-toe with the dastardly heel, back bent over the turnbuckles

Using the ropes for leverage, Kirks quads clamp tight in a soul-sucking, skull-crushing headscissors

Plenty of Hurt to Share, Especially with a Newbie!

Five minutes into this match and you forget that Kirk was ever a babyface. Whether it's the beard, signaling that this is maybe his dark-mirror twin, or whether goodguy Kirk has finally just snapped after all those beatings - and tales about his looking-glass evil brother's successes, here and now he's an all-American heel and nasty to the core. He likes to hurt guys even if it means taking a powder keg of hits in the process. In short, he's a thug. He welcomes those hits. They make him tougher. They sharpen his basic instincts and make them glimmer. For years, BG East has groomed him for matches like this â?? the unavoidable destruction of a hot, young newcomer, Luis.

Prepare yourselves. Luis is new and he is hot! He's hungry like a lot of young wannabe ring wrestlers. His caramel-colored and robust thighs are the first things we see. The camera glides up his meaty torso, smooth as silk, the awesome pulchritude and youthful shimmer of young manhood. And what an ass! Kirk stomps on the ring apron, announcing his entrance. "Got another newcomer here?" says Kirk, his eyes fixed on Otero's curves. "Look at me," boasts Luis. "You like?" "You look pretty good," Kirk admits, his eyes running up and down the rookie's body. "You know anything about wrestling?" Luis flexes his biceps. He and Kirk flash their physiques and study their curves in the mirror.

The two hunks circle each other, their eyes studying the curves of the other wrestler's body. They lockup old-school style, arms locked, pushing back and forth. Luis shoves Kirk to the mat, but the old pro is quick on a rebound. Another lockup, and another embarrassing fall for Kirk. Donahue looks none too pleased. He takes ten seconds to warm up. The two bodies lunge at each other again. This time Kirk gets Luis in an iron-clad side headlock. The newbie snarls like a dog on a bone. With a sudden thrust, he breaks loose and instantly locks Kirk's head under his left arm and crunches.

A series of classic maneuvers follow â?? side headlock, full nelson, hair-tugging, camel clutch, reverse bearhug, Boston crab, and more. Then, somewhere past the midpoint, the ten minutes that follow put Donahue in charge, as he delivers crippling pain to the once playful Luis. Goodbye to grapple-style wrestling. Hello to no holds barred. Kirk and Luis sweat profusely; their agonized faces are frozen in place like kabuki masks. Kirk works Luis on the mat and against the ropes and corner posts. Stomps, giant sidewinding punches and chops. Luis struggles to fight back. But can he? Does he? What are his chances for turning the battle around?

Luis delivers a spectacular debut, and Kirk decisively confirms his creds as a bad guy in every universe. Classic maneuvers again prove their powers to amaze and intoxicate. Donahue, of course, is a master of the destructive arts. His days as a pale, reticent, and gangling jobber are far far behind him now. This match resurrects the classic ring battles of early BG East, but with new faces, harder whacks, and more glistening sweat and painful grunts.

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Luis Otero vs. Kirk Donahue
26 minutes

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Kirk may have bitten off more than he can chew as the rookie crunches his chin to his chest in a full nelson

Kirk shakes the much bigger man like a ragdoll, making him groan and cry out in the full nelson

Stretched out on display like a side of grade-a beef, Luis Otero is a finished jobber

Clinging desperately to consciousness, Luis struggles in the headscissors as Kirk bears down

Backed into the corner, Luis cowers, exposed as the heel rains hell down upon him

Incoming! Kirk delivers the payload right to Luis' carved core with a big spear in the corner

Kirk Donahue: 5'10, 170 lbs

Kirk's thick biceps threaten to pop Luis' pretty head as he drops him to a knee in a punishing side headlock

With Luis laid out, Kirk leaves nothing to waste and launches with a big knee drop to his pecs

Employing the ropes and turnbuckle, Kirk stretches the big body beautiful out in a torture rack

Kneeling and bent back, Luis' BGEast debut is heading for absolute ruin in an inverted headlock

Kirk has finally just SNAPPED! A man possessed, he chokes the life out of the brand-new musclehunk

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