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  Jonny Firestorm vs. Sunny DeLeon

Jonny Firestorm: 5'5, 190 lbs

Sunny pays for his dismissiveness of the legendary heel as Jonny pulverizes his balls

Jonny easily grounds and restrains the handsome hapless jobber, digging deep with an abclaw

Sunny gets turned inside out, dangling over the buckles, gear wedged up his ass for a spanking

Sunny has absolutely no idea whats coming as Jonny lines up his bulge for a massive slap

Jonny carries the lightweight across the ring, leaping and bringing him down for a ring shaking bodyslam

One and Not-Done

Jonny Firestorm cannot believe his eyes. There, in the middle of 'Jonny's ring', stands young Sunny DeLeon flexing his fit, lean muscles with the swagger of a seasoned champ. However, Sunny's win-loss record does not justify the cocky smirk and dismissive roll of the eyes he gives the legendary heel. Sure, he looks the part, with his sensationally sexy body poured into a tight, red and white singlet. He's proven that he has dangerous submission skills, but he has yet to defeat an opponent inside the ring. It must be irrational exuberance convincing Sunny that the pump of his tasty biceps can do anything other than irritate a notoriously ill-tempered heel like Jonny.

Outrageously outmuscled, Sunny is steamrolled by our demolition expert as the brutal battle breaks out. "I was told you'd be a tough one," Jonny sneers, strangling the audacious youngster with his singlet straps and ripping viciously at Sunny's internal organs with an abdominal claw. "Glad you're living up to the promise." The legendary heel cruises effortlessly in the driver's seat and does absolutely anything he wants with his outgunned opponent. Repeated gut busters, stomps, and punches to the stubborn jobber's rock hard core fail to put a dent in Sunny's resolve. He's screaming and writhing but refusing to submit, hoisted over Jonny's shoulder and getting his fine ass spanked helplessly.

"I don't think you're even going to make it through a whole match," Jonny laughs like a comic book villain. "Let's just call this one fall and we're finished," he announces, mauling the tough little jobber in the corner and then catapulting him across the ring.

Jonny is just the latest cocky heel to underestimate Sunny. He charges face-first into a kick to the chin from the stubborn lightweight grappler. The brutal bear-daddy heel falls victim to Sunny's mixed martial arts training, and before Jonny can recover, he's locked up tight in an armbar and neck wrenching headscissors. Before he realizes what's happening, he's screaming in panic and left with no option but to let loose with a torrent of profanity and slap the mat in shocked submission.

Jonny's unwise one-fall-and-done boast looks like it just handed the lightweight the biggest jobber-heel upset of the century. "Of course, I don't have the authority to renegotiate the Boss' contract," Jonny starts fast-talking his way out. "All matches are best two-out-of-three falls."

This isn't the last time lucky Sunny shocks this notoriously vicious opponent, but every rally, every smirk, every cocky flex merely earns the jobber that much more brutal punishment. Sunny loses his swagger, his singlet, and every last shred of dignity as Jonny shatters the audacious jobber's stubborn resolve and makes him forget that he ever made the Top Heel scream out that panicked, not-so-decisive submission.

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Jonny Firestorm vs. Sunny DeLeon
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The height of hot humiliation, Jonny plops his swollen bulge in the KO'd jobber's face with a cocky flex

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Laid out and lifeless, the lean Canadian jobber gets his legs ripped and stretched wide as he's rolled up

Folded up in a backbending scorpion hold, Sunny feels Jonny's fist drilling deep in his spine

Jonny will be picking pieces of this jobber out of his teeth for weeks as he crushes his bulge in the ropes

Sunny DeLeon: 5'6, 140 lbs

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Jonny is a laser focused terminator heel, stomping and grinding the handsome jobber underfoot

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Wrapped up and bound in the turnbuckles, Sunny gets choked the fuck out in the heel's thick arms

Jonny folds Sunny in half and spreads him out wide in a rolled-up crotch-ripping splasle

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