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  Forrest Taylor vs. Chase Addams

Forrest Taylor: 5'7, 160 lbs

Ever the showman, Chase arrives in the ring in a silky get up to Forrest's perplexity

Forrest is in a world of pain with a double underhooking hoisting hold from a voracious Addams

Forrest's longer, leaner body hangs lifeless, helpless to what sadistic Chase has in store

Forrest's handsome face crashes into Chase's knee with his arms and shoulders wrenched and twisted

Chase hoists the tasty ginger jobber over his shoulder in a back-breaking rack variation

Dreams and Nightmares

Chase Addams is not a bitch to be messed with. The seasoned heel demolishes jobbers like devouring a box of bon bons. His patented brand of sophisticated pro wrestling technique, married seamlessly with homoerotic highlights, has made Chase one of the most feared and desired opponents among a certain rank of wrestlers. He collects jobbers like porcelain figurines, taking possession of their bodies and wills, and transforming them into his playthings. He's training an eager Mickey Knoxx to serve his every whim as resident gimp, and enjoying well earned 'beauty time', when Forrest Taylor shows up insisting on taking another go at cracking the puzzle that is Chase's devastating mastery of the ring.

Forrest resides among that certain rank of wrestlers who is both terrified and irresistibly drawn to the challenges posed by facing Chase. The red headed loudmouth isn't exactly proud of being voted Jobber of the Year three years running, but it's almost a badge of honor to him now. When a wrestler has been beat down as completely as Forrest has, there's nowhere to go but up. At least, that's what Forrest tells himself. Through sheer tenacity and untethered optimism, he's set his sights on starting his journey out the jobber doldrums by accomplishing something he's repeatedly been unable to do. After valiantly facing off against Chase five times before, he's convinced himself that the sixth time will be the charm against charming Chase. "I'm challenging you to a match," Forrest shouts trying to be heard over the headphones Chase is wearing as he treats his delicate complexion to a facial mask treatment.

"No," Chase replies flatly, swatting the hot little jobber away like a fly. "What makes you think this is going to be any different, Forrest?" Undeterred, Forrest insists, "I had a dream that I was going to win this time," as if citing incontrovertible evidence. Chase remains unconvinced, heading toward the exit to slip into the bath that his gimp has drawn for him, when Forrest rips the moisturizing mask off of Chase's face. Oh, hell! It's on now!

"You just can't let me have a little 'me time'," Chase mutters to himself, as he's pounding the shocked jobber in a corner with savage knees to the gut. The heel's cracking chops across Forrest's chest leave bright red handprints behind. "How's that dream working out for you now!?" In classic Chase style, he treats Forrest to multiple submission holds simultaneously, wrenching the outmatched jobber apart joint by joint. Rolling on top and planting his beautiful ass on Forrest's face, he attacks the defenseless redhead's muscled core with relish.

Forrest has been in this exact same position five times before, and every time he's been pounded to a pulp and brutally humiliated. This time, it's going to be different, he tells himself. This time he's going to do anything it takes to grab victory. This time, with Chase's luscious ass in his face, he opens wide and takes a bite out of the heel's pampered backside. In the ensuing 20 minutes of the most brutal demolition the jobber has ever suffered, he has time to flashback to his five previous attempts (in a riot of varied gear) to stare down the demon that is Chase's total mastery over him, and to reconsider how much stock he puts into his fleeting dreams of redemption!

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Forrest Taylor vs. Chase Addams
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Jobberpaloozer 24 Arena Galleries

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Chase works on his massage therapy hours with victim/client/guinea pig getting a big elbow drop

A big swing on the ginger jobber has Forrest's face dangling dangerously close to the canvas

Insult to injury as Chase cranks Taylor back with handfuls of beard and gnaws on his ear Tyson-style

Forrest's face gets wedged up the heel's hole as Chase drops that show-stopping ass right on him

Chase breaks out his fan-favorite submission, suspending and cranking Forrest's helpless body

Forrest's lips puff and his face turns as red as his beard as rear choke seals his fate

Chase Addams: 6', 170 lbs

Forrest is forced prostrate before the bigger Chase as he's leg-locked with his back brutally arched

Forrest gets a faceful of pit while Chase gets a handful of jobber junk in an inverted headlock

Chase works to see how far the taller jobber can bend until he breaks as he works him over

A blistering bitchslap to the pecs sends the bearded jobber toppling to the mats in pain

There's no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for this jobber as Chase piledrives him into the mat

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