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  Nick Archer vs. Angelo Damato

Nick Archer


Nasty Nick's neck crank

Angelo eating mat

Figure 4-headscissors

Opposites May Attract, but Similarity Incites Atta

Hunkbash, The Contract, Tag Team Torture--BGE's muscleboys have taken their share of lumps recently. Our booker scoured the ranks for 'fairer' matchups to see what might result. First up, Nick and Angelo, our two olive skinned, green-eyed collegiate grapplers. From the forehead-to-forehead stare down, it's obvious: losing isn't an option! In tees and sweats, Nick hits a go-behind and racks up riding time when Angelo instinctively pops off his back. Shirts come off, and Nick presses the attack with a headscissors. Angelo counters, but learns the hazards of close quarters fighting when Nick jams him into the wall and drops him on his head. In trunks, the battle rages: Angelo with armbars, half-nelsons and scissors; Nick with neck cranks, grapevines and headlocks. Counter for counter, it's 12 minutes before the first submission. No pauses between falls, the action is too quick to call--until a guillotine cradle cranked for maximum pain sends one wrestler over the edge. Cheating forearms and stomps soften the loser up for a long-held choke that has him drooling over his juicy lips before blacking out. At BGE, fair doesn't mean friendly!

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Nick Archer vs. Angelo Damato
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Lovely Nick flat on the mat

Angelo Damato

The staredown

Half nelson with a full view

Victory is sweet

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