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  Justin Pierce vs. Colton Dwyer

Justin Pierce

Colton tries to tear Justin's arm off....

... and Justin returns the favor

Double bicep

12 Feet and 400 Pounds of Muscular Model Mayhem

Has it been three years since Justin debuted on our mats as the talented rookie brimming with untapped potential, who naively walked into beatings at the hand of vets who said they wanted to "train" him when all they wanted was to tear him apart? Now an accomplished grappler in his own right, he's ready to train a few rookies of his own. As the hunks strip--Justin in near sheer white and Colton in a wet-look blue bikini--it's clear both are used to being photographed, possessing an instinct to display themselves at their best angles few wrestlers can match. The site of Justin's thick thighs and glorious gluteus bouncing and straining as he rides Colton is one of the hottest visuals in BGE history. Twist, spin and flip, and Justin traps the big rookie in an inside cradle as he makes a cocky count: "1..., 2..." But what Colton lacks in experience, he makes up in strength and tenacity--Justin goes from grinning on top to grimacing in agony as the bodybuilder rips his legs apart so vigorously the tendons in his groin tremble in high relief! Justin's easy expected win becomes a battle of attrition: arm, leg and back torture galore. "How's that big boy," Justin taunts as he cranks a camel. "I want to hear you scream!" Beautiful bodies beautifully filmed. Too much!

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Justin Pierce vs. Colton Dwyer
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