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  Beau Nasty vs. Shane Styles

Beau Nasty 5'11

Up by the hair

Shane's rack

Blatant choke hold

Brad's Boys Burn It Up!

Sometimes it pays to be bad. Four months ago Kid Leopard disrupted Brad Rochelle's triumphant return with a brutal, two-stage beating and secured Brad's "services" with an ironclad contract, requiring Brad regularly deliver new talent or suffer the consequences, literally. Brad may be safe (this week), for deliver he does--Shane and Beau are about as hot as wrestlers get! Life-long best friends, it shows in their jocular rapport during their pre-match workout and as they pick gear for their first match: "White for the jobber," Beau cracks. But even the best friendships contain a bit of resentment. As Shane signs his obligatory injury waiver, Beau attacks him from behind, smashing him to the floor, stepping on his throat, mounting him and choking a shocked Shane nearly-senseless before tossing him into the ring. Shane roars back with a spinning backbreaker and a torture rack, showing a trash-talking tendency of his own as Beau writhes on the canvas. But who's nastier? Two major debuts!

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Beau Nasty vs. Shane Styles
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Shane off to sleep

Badly battered Beau

Shane Styles 5'10

Tossed back into the ring

Shane pounds Beau's abs

Beau's ab-stretch variation

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