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  Nick Archer vs. Prime Time

Nick Archer 5'8

Prime US Grade A beef

Nick in PrimeTime trouble

Nick gets even

Changing of the Guard?

Primetime has been dreaming of making it big as a wrestler since he was a kid. Blond, beautiful and blessed with a body ideally suited for wrestling, we admit we might have given him just about anything to get him in our ring. But he had only one demand: a debut match against Nick Archer. Primetime was overweight when we first interviewed him but with the promise of a first pro match with Nick Archer he disciplined himself to a program of wrestling-readiness. Barely drinking age himself, clad in black leather and dripping attitude, Nick doesn't relish the thought of playing the vet to a prettyboy upstart. "You won't be so pretty when I finish with you," Nick promises as he sheds his jacket, revealing his intimidatingly bigger 'n better-than-ever body. No hollow threat--Nick quickly overpowers the rookie, grinding his head between his big biceps and bulging pec with a tight headlock. But when overconfident Nick wastes time bragging, Primetime catches him off guard with a big fist to the gut, before debuting his brutal spinning backbreaker--once, twice, three times! Can this be happening? Never count Nick out--he feeds off pain. Victory is total, but the winner returns post-victory to brutalize the loser again (and again!).

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