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  Cameron Matthews vs. Paul Hudson


Multi-limb lock up

Camel-hammer combo

Bow & arrow backbreaker

Posted - outside the ring!

Young Pros Settle a Score

After their defeat at the hands of J-Rock in (Tag Team Torture 2), Cameron and Paul decided to hone their in-ring skills in a pro sparring session. Though friends on the independent pro circuit, it's all business once these studs show up ready to work in full pro gear. Cameron, in baby blue trunks, takes the first fall with a rear chinlock/leglock combo. Paul catches his breath and takes Cameron to the mat with an eyepopping headlock. Cam wiggles out of it and wraps his young toned thighs around Paul's head in one long hot headscissors! Paul manages to push out of the possible submission and ties up Cameron's long legs like a pair of bootlaces. Tied up like a pretzel and howling in pain, Cameron has no choice but to submit. "That was nice", says Cameron, mildly impressed by Paul's mat ingenuity. Paul, in appreciation of the praise, offers a friendly handshake to his workout buddy, only to get caught with a vicious elbow to the face! The friendly contest degenerates as jaw cracking cheapshots fly between the two until Paul breaks the stalemate with a devastating powerbomb followed by a schoolboy pin for the 3 count! Cute Cameron is left dangling on the apron, half conscious, clueless to the punishment Paul has in store for him'

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Cameron Matthews vs. Paul Hudson
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Fearsome figure 4



Paul punishes Cameron

Cameron fighting off a headlock

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