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  Cameron Matthews vs. Joshua Goodman

Cameron the Cool

Cameron's cross body scissors


Cam pinned and spanked

Cameron laid low

Basement Beatdown in Briefs!

We meet Cameron as he awaits his opponent in the BG east matroom. Cam takes off his shirt and starts stretching when he is interrupted by the arrival of Mr. Joshua. Josh strips off his shirt and displays his godlike physical perfection. Josh wants to see what Cam is made of and asks for an abs flex. Cam shows off his 6 pack to a satisfied Josh who then asks to see some more posing. In a typical rookie mistake, Cameron turns his back on Josh and gets pearl harbored! But Cameron is one slippery kid on the mat and instead slaps on a camel clutch, forcing Josh to tap! Shocked by the sudden loss, Josh proposes a strength test, easily throwing Cam down. Cameron takes the fight to Josh, matching his speed against Josh's power. During the struggle, Josh strips Cameron's pants off, revealing a pair of blue butt hugging boxerbriefs! Josh chokes the stripped stud with his own pants, adding insult to injury by grabbing the waistband and giving Cam a wedgie! Elevated in a surfboard, we're treated to some great close-ups of the rookie sensation's growing bulge. Using the pants, Josh wraps Cameron up in a humiliating pin, his ass cheeks exposed and spanked! Mr. Joshua has his boy right where he wants him?

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Cameron Matthews vs. Joshua Goodman
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Joshua jacked

Cameron's crushing camel

Humiliating the teen pro

Payback's a bitch!

Mr. J suffering in a surfboard

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