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  Cameron Matthews vs. Joshua Goodman

Cameron's speciality

Josh socked and humiliated

Cam strangled & struggling

You're done

Josh jacked and jubilant

Undagear Ultrafight!

"There's only room for one superstar" says Josh as he struts around the matroom in victory. Cameron goes on the offensive but instead gets caught with some Junkyard Dog style headbutts. Cam surprises Josh with a strike to the face and then strips the veteran down to his white briefs! Cameron gives Josh a taste of his own medicine by choking him with his jeans, leaving him gagging in pain. Back on his feet, Josh adjusts the waistband of his briefs and even reaches in to adjust his package! Damn! Josh checks himself out in the mirror, only to get caught from behind by a vice-like headscissors and forced to submit! As Josh recovers, we're treated to incredible closeup of Josh's package, so close and so big you can almost taste it. Action resumes and Josh is choked with his own sock, surfboarded, wedgied and forced to submit again! Cameron goes for another wedgie but is lowblowed and given a spinning neckbreaker. Josh traps Cam in a bearhug/wedgie combo, slamming the rookie into the wall at the same time! Josh rolls Cameron up into a hot schoolboy and plants his crotch in the kid's face for the pin! A post match sleeper finishes off our humiliated hero and another stunning edition from BG East!

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Cameron Matthews vs. Joshua Goodman
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Cameron gets some payback

Big bare-butt bearhug

Sock in hand

Goodman groined and grounded

Cameron crushed against the wall

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