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  Mikey Vee vs. Jordan

Mikey Vee

Mikey chokes out Jordan

Half crab


Major Muscles vs. Major Mouth

Bigger, more ripped and, if possible, even more handsome than in his "Exercise For Men Only" magazine photospread several months ago, Jordan is the picture of physical perfection as he cranks out one-armed pushups with stunning ease. Mikey's legendary trash talk doesn't distract him. "You need big muscles to wrestle, not a big mouth," he explains before going back to his calisthenics. Torn between shock and awe, Mike doesn't know whether to laugh or tear him up, morphing from a smiling, "You young kids today!" compliment to a scowling, "I'm gonna give you such a beating," threat with typical schizoid ease. When Mikey throws Jordan up against the wall out of an opening lockup, one can't help but wonder if those big muscles are just for show. But Jordan soon shows his power, using pure strength to turn a rear chinlock/armbar into a tight cradle, and again a moment later when he turns a single leg crab into a folding matchbook press that has Mikey looking amazed. Amazed but unfazed: Mike roars back with a masterful mixed-martial-arts rear naked choke. "Damn, I knew I was good, but not that good!"

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Mikey Vee vs. Jordan
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Jordan applies the pressure

Single leg takedown



Mikey pinned!

Jordan tries to hang on

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