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  Vinny Trevino vs. Mikey Vee

Vinny Trevino

A big boot to the balls!

Strangle-choke camel clutch

Gut-busted 'n belly-booted

Mouthy Mikey Teaches Boxer Vinny How to Wrestle

This was Vinny's very first appearance in our ring, when Kid Vicious brought him in to practice his impressive Marine boxing skills. But KV has a surprise opponent for the newcomer, his old pal, fellow heel Mikey Vee! KV whispers some advice in Mikeys ear, he gloves up and they go at it. Vinny rocks him, until Mikey turns it into HIS kind of fight. "Now THIS is boxing!", Mikey shouts as he climbs on top of Vinny and proceeds to pummel the bodybuilder senseless. When Vinny rises, he's visibly punch drunk, but insists he has more, until Mikey stops him cold with a knee to the balls - twice! A hangman chokehold is literal when Mikey uses the tape on Vinny's wrists to his advantage. Still not satisfied, Mikey ties the hurting hunk to the corner ropes and dons the gloves. KO finish! Hot!

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Vinny Trevino vs. Mikey Vee
26 minutes

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Mike pounds Vinny's ripped abs

Up by the hair!

Mikey Vee

Beaten 'n battered by a boxer

Mikey beats 'n batters Vinny

A boot on the babyface!

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