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  Bulldog Barzini vs. Justin Pierce

Bulldog Barzini

Bulldog's beautiful boston

Justin's flashy drop toehold

Justin racked and rendered

Humpy Hung Hunk Gets Ball Bashed!

Male model Justin may have one of the biggest baskets in the business as anyone who saw his Playgirl layout (7/02) knows. But this ain't modeling, it's wrestling. Thick fireplug aspiring pro Bulldog overpowers Justin from the start. Big chops leave Justin's chest glowing red. "Prepare for a beating," Bulldog taunts before driving his knee into Justin's big basket. Ouch! Justin desperately tries to counter strength with speed, a dropkick, a drop toehold. But he's not fast enough, as Bulldog catches him in a bearhug. Two more and Justin's fork-tender, easy pickings for Bulldog's back attack: a rookie wrecker, two pendulum backbreakers. A liontamer that Chris Jericho would envy has Justin begging. Check out Bulldog's monster traps flaring as he punishes Justin with a Steiner Recliner. A torture rack is just that, especially when Bulldog does squats, using our resident hunk model as a human dumbbell. Total jobber domination!

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Bulldog Barzini vs. Justin Pierce
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A trunk-yanking gut buster


Justin Pierce

Back-crunching camel clutch

Bulldog belittles the babyface

Justin resists Bulldog's boston

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