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  Brad Rochelle vs. Jordan

Brad Rochelle

Brad's dengerous sleeper

Brad punishes Jordan's neck

Crossed-anle boston crab

Brad hits the mats

After what happened in "The Contract," any match starring Brad Rochelle is likely to be a grudge as he desperately fights to regain a measure of his lost dignity. Add to that stress another conflict: Brad and Jordan are members of a high-profile troupe of male dancers, always butting heads over who's the top marquee draw. First they try to outdo each other in the weightroom, not by outlifting each other, but by displaying their best assets to the camera--the unofficial but undeniably important "who's hotter" competition. Down in the matroom, the hunks lock up. Jordan's stronger, pushing Brad back and pinning him against the wall for long seconds just to prove he can. Brad tries to do the same, but when he does, Jordan throws him halfway across the room! But Brad's a veteran--he wisely works Jordan with armlocks and chokes, wearing him down until he's weak enough for a knockout sleeper. Jordan readily concedes Brad's mat superiority, but he dares the BG East superstar to meet him in the ring...

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Brad Rochelle vs. Jordan
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BG East Grudge Match 3 Arena Galleries

Brad on top! But for how long?

Hammer locked and choked


Brad all tied up

Humiliating foot-to-the-face

Jordan is jacked!

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