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  Vinny Trevino vs. Justin Pierce

Vinny Trevino

Vinny pins Justin

Justin out for the count

Tied up and tortured

The Enemy of My Enemy Is My...?

Justin Pierce and Vinny Trevino have much in common--same age, same hometown, obvious athleticism, mind-blowing good looks, and a common enemy: Mikey Vee, who brutally initiated both in the ways of pro wrestling. Justin agrees to show Vinny some holds and moves; Vinny will show Justin "how to bring the street to the ring." Only one problem--in any wrestling/boxing tutorial, one gives while the other receives. Justin shows Vinny his trademark stump puller submission hold, and the pain has Vinny simmering. After they don boxing trunks and glove up an overly aggressive Vinny downs Justin with a quick flurry of body shots, Justin flips the script with a drop-toe hold/wrap up and makes Vinny submit. Uh oh! Vinny snaps the jab until Justin's woozy and wobbling, then hits the male model with a nasty knockout haymaker. But he's not done yet: bodyslams, shockingly hard stomps to the kidneys, bare-knuckled body busting in the corner, even a tombstone piledriver and a HUGE swan dive splash from the top rope! The bondage finale is breathtaking and brutal. Sometimes the enemy of an enemy is your enemy, too.

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Vinny Trevino vs. Justin Pierce
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Vinny leg locked

Justin Pierce

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