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  Ron D. vs. Billy Wilcox  

Ron D.

Billy stretched to submission

You're done boy!

Ron's powerful headscissors has Billy in trouble

Muscleman Ron

Italian Superhunk vs Pro Muscledude

We start with two very hot and very skilled fan favorites, both of whom have appeared on BGE's early Pro series. Tall dark Italian stud Ron D. is all cut up and ready to go, his black pro trunks and white boots setting off his stunning good looks. Billy, a shorter stockier muscledude, just back from a gig in Germany, arrives in his lime jacket and brief square cut matching trunks, and black boots. Seems these two were involved in a disputed match the night before, where the ref got involved. Now they've arranged to "work out" in private. "Now it's just me and you," says Ron. Despite having a score to settle, both act sportsmanlike--at first. But it's not long before push comes to shove and both studs haul out the heavy artillery.

Billy gets rolled around the ring in a ripping leg split forcing painful submission. Holding his balls, Billy claims Ronnie didn't let go of the hold soon enough. The "work out" degenerates into a very brutal brawl. These big pros can take a lot of punishment and keep coming back for more. Body slams, crotch stomping, and leg torture as one former friend makes another scream in submission. Hot! With super close-ups you'll never see on a tv match!

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Ron D. vs. Billy Wilcox
23 minutes
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Ron chinlocks Billy

Big Billy in big trouble

Billy Wilcox

Bad news for Billy!

Billy smashes Ron in the corner

Ron writhes: ball blow!

Beefy Billy!

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