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  Bryan vs. Psycho Capone*

Psycho pours on the pain

Bulldog headlock time!

Bryan locks on a camel clutch

Psycho in leglock agony

Champ Psycho

Bryan Gets Stripped and Submitted!

They meet in the ring, with no one around. No refs, no crowd. Bryan is in white boots and brief white trunks detailing a full basket: full babyface mode. Eyeing Psycho, Bryan says "Let's see what you've got." "This is what I've got, and it's for you!" replies the short-cropped stud, flexing his big muscles in tight blue briefs and matching boots and projecting major menace in his natural heel mode. Confident Psycho powers Bryan around at first, but Bryan attacks Psycho's legs, splitting them wide. Using British holds and a painful scorpion leg lock, Bryan gains the edge on this frenetic heel. A low blow ends that. Repeated neck and head punishment has Bryan screaming, "NO!" A surfboard variation almost wrenches his arms out of their sockets.

A shouting match about Bryan's patriotism ends in both their trunks being strip/ripped off, and we see some spectacular pro wrestling in the nude from two of the most talented hot and hunky pros in the business. Shoulder and neck stretches, ropes bondage, camel, a boston crab show how beautifully Bryan can suffer. Comeback slams, scissors and more on big Psycho have the bout tightly matched to the very end. A super-painful and most humiliating nude submission ends this sexy battle. But more hot close-ups of hot physiques and a bonus crotch close-up make this one a sure-fly blow-out.

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Bryan vs. Psycho Capone*
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Psycho chokes Bryan

Neck crank!

Psycho Capone

Psycho stomps Bryan

Bryan's 3-in 1 submission hold

Low Blow! Bryan grovels

Psycho controls the stripped pro

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