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  Brawlerboy vs. Graham Davies*


Ready for action

Graham grounded

Snug head scissors

Big Boy Meets A Fan

It's not unusual for BG wrestlers to hear from their fans. Some meet on-line and in chat rooms and occasionally, though rarely, they actually meet in person. A London pub reunion of several BG wrestlers drew the attention of most everyone in the room but especially Graham who couldn't quite believe his eyes when he recognized our big Brawlerboy. Turns out the attention was mutual as we soon noticed that our beefiest brit battler was suddenly distracted, smiling slyly and moments later absent from our group merry-making. The rest of us watched bemusedly as Brawler and his admirer sized each other up, all but locking up right there in the pub. Our handsome heel sauntered back: "That lusty rookie lad over there wants a match." Indeed, it was evident that opportunity - and more - had arisen! Back at the hotel these two studmen wasted no time in having at each other, playfully pawing and testing and sparring, still in their English football jerseys and jeans. Brawlerboy gave off an air of total superiority as though he was just toying with this new discovery, confident of dominating him with ease. Imagine his surprise when he discovers that Graham's dream is to conquer his hunky heel hero - and in fact dramatically underscores that desire by getting a tight jeans-clad head scissors submission from the big beefy Brawlerboy!

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